Birth of a Nation...? Part Four

Sanders, Harris & Buttegieg will be too soon to tell, but as Harris explains the role of prosecutor to the masses, she warms us up to her. She will ‘win’ with Bernie a close second. Must ask if our country is ready to vote for a woman? I like the fact that 2020 will mark the centennial of US woman’s right to vote. After 2016 debacle, let’s double down and have two women!  

Biden, if he can curb his defensiveness, can make a decent showing, but Uranus in Taurus breaks up outmoded value systems. Yang and Gillibrand could surprise, yet because of the second hour responds to the unexpected turmoil of the first, I do not know if they will.  Swalwell could be too nuanced, so maybe he’ll have some pre-prepared quips that won’t be seen that way.

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