Black Women in Hollywood: A Salute To Trailblazers & Our Personal Passions

Each of the following quotes are from the magazine article Black Women in Hollywood: A Salute to Trailblazers in Hollywood.  Then I will associate it with their Sun sign and their Venus Star Point (Personal Passion Points). My goal is to weave a story of how culture, race, gender and artistry create the foundations that make our lives worth living, collectively and individually.  I will follow the magazine from its beginning.

MS (Morning Star) begins with a retrograde invisible Venus closest to the Earth

ES (Evening Star) begins with a direct invisible Venus farthest from the Earth

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Now, In Spirit: Mars in Retrograde

Our gateway into Spirit for this column is Mars. When repressed, this planet can induce enacted violence, murder, harsh conditions for ‘others’ and domination of a self-righteous will…in hierarchical, autocratic and patriarchal Capricorn, we look to the sociological, inclusive Aquarius to offer realistic solutions.

Mars, Roman God of war, goes retrograde approximately every two years.  From June 26 through August 27, 2018 he will appear to go backwards from 10 Aquarius to 28 Capricorn.

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