Evening venus Star in leo

Let's welcome the end of the nine month double warrior Scorpio Star on August 14, 2019. Sure, the Goddesses don’t make no ugly, but, day-um.  I’ve given to calling these past months the ‘Kavenaugh’ times. Date rape, nasty power plays, back to back mass shootings, #metoo, an openly white supremacist president and ICE raids in Mississippi. 

From shadow to light, from warrior Venus in warrior Scorpio to Lover Venus in heart-centered Leo, it's an evolved Scorpio that knows the battle is inside.  Our older Leo souls know you can only dominate your own desires, not anyone else.

This Venus Star comes at a Full Moon in community oriented and progressive Aquarius. 

This planetary portal of love and joy excites the passionate Mars and equality seeking Juno.

Through concentrated Vesta in ethical Taurus, the Scorpio side of this grand fixed cross can balance these energies with searching our shadows with unflinching honesty.

If we've learned anything over the past nine months, it is that 'we are in this together'.  The environment is teaching us this very lesson.

On an earthy level Mars represents guns and Juno is connected to the climate.

May our collective and evolving passions open our hearts to love and play.

Let's enlighten ourselves through shining and showing our vision of the world we want to live in.

'Synchronicity'...Woodstock’s ‘Make Love, Not War’ celebrates its 50th anniversary this month.

Just shifting from Morning (yang/individualistic) to Evening (yin/collective) is a call to move from warrior to lover.

The Sabian Symbol for 22 Leo is a carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission.  Birds represent messages. What messages of love and hope do you carry? How can you shine even in so much darkness? Do you speak up for those who are not present, yet oppressed? Can you speak from your unwounded heart?

Venus bets 'yes' and it's her house...so the evening Star of Love will begin to be seen after October 1.  What will our world look like once the Goddess of Love wins?

Make Love, Not War: Venus Hearts and Mars Separates August 2019

From June 10 through August 23, 2019, Venus and Mars are in a waning crescent relationship. We are looking at the potential of love and assertion, the abstract ideals of love and sex. Hopefully, Venus Star in Leo on Wednesday August 14 will counteract the separating desires of Mars peaking in early September.

The whole hearts represent the joy and radiance of Venus and the broken hearts symbolize Mars. Yin unifies; yang divides.

We are focusing on the love in the world.  Giving us something we can feel means keeping Mars at bay as much as possible.  Therefore, the lower number of Mars, the more joy we can experience with others.

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Make Love, Not War: August 2019 (part one)

As we move into a loving Evening Star in Leo, our personal passions will demonstrate our collective need for love, joy and play. The Morning Scorpio Star (since October 26) has flooded us with power struggles as we have had to look at our collective shadow…secrets, taboo, extremely wealth inequality, political and racial divisions.

Yes, we are in a psychic cold war in the USA. By the Virgo New Moon on August 30, I fear with any less daily and constant expression of love and self-determination, we could enter into yet another war…as the Course of Miracles state: love or fear?

I choose love.

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