Mercury Retro in Aries 3.22-4.15: Gender & Spirit

I would say ‘alert the media’, but Mercury is a large part of the media.  This little buzzing planet hums along and then he slows down and gets (more like tricks) us into looking deeper.  A bit of honest reflection goes a long way when this communicative and mental planet goes retrograde. However, even more honest reflection is required when he is retrograde in Aries.  


Aries represents a psychological process of direct individual expression.  This starting something fire sign reacts against the fusing ‘we are one’ soulful waters of Pisces.  Pisces surrenders and sacrifices the individual spirit to merge with the collective unconscious, the ancestors and virtues of a multidimensional reality.  Huh? The union of the spiritual and material worlds is a reality to the sign of the fishes. Aries must stand out. Like any warrior, Aries tests himself in the so-called real world.


Mercury is a neutral planet.  I’d even say a non-binary one.   Our minds have an active (yang/masculine) and receptive (yin/feminine) components.  As such, Mercury is our original non-binary planet. Uranus (Mercury’s higher octave) lives to shift paradigms of gender binary through adopting a ‘both/and’ existence. With Mercury through thought establishing a binary perspective, it is Uranus through its ‘both/and’ that brings forth the transgender or getting beyond the masculine and feminine, the ‘trans’ part. Mercury retrogrades are an excellent time to slow down and access the meaning behind our root assumptions about the nature of how we think, perceive and express ourselves.  With both planets in Aries, we all have an opportunity to review, re-evaluate and revise how we access our inspiration to act. More importantly, how we communicate from our relative gendered positions.


It is not a ‘boys will be boys’ meme.  Mercury in Aries requires an examining to how our thinking has become rigid (disguised as masculine rationality) or impressionable (disguised as feminine intuition).  One of next human lessons is to understand how we contain both genders and thought allows us to transcend both, or include and get beyond duality. Retrogrades create a space where the multiple dimensions flourish and reveal themselves.  Mercury in fire queers us all. In Aries, he queers us in each moment. Since March 2011 (Uranus went into Aries) we have had an awakening around the rights of the individual. On both sides of the spectrum from religious freedoms to sell to queer folk to legalizing marriage.  


Writer’s note:  I am using the term ‘queer’ to denote an umbrella of any individualized person whose identity and/or behavior deviates from what is considered heteronormative.  Uranus, as nonconformist and paradigm buster, represents those who exhibit these traits. In Aries until May 15, 2018, Uranus will continue to break down our assumptions about gender, sexuality and orientation as he moves into Taurus (where he will teach us that physicality is not fully determinative re: gender).

Aries is all about the ability to be self-motivated, to try something that has not been done before.  Mercury as an ambassador of our minds uses Aries to us excited, fired up, as it were. Uranus in Aries simply speeds up the process.  Realize though that the two energies do not come together (it’s called a conjunction) until May 13. Allow this retrograde to create new mental pathways.  Get beyond thinking outside the proverbial box, to not seeing the box at all! These next seven weeks (amping up on May 5) our individual minds will be ignited.  Fire makes its presence physical known. Keep these new inspirational ideas to yourself while he is in retrograde. Then while they germinate, you’ll be ready to present them and we will be ready to receive them.


Of course, planetary energies effect all of us in varying degrees.  The Mercury ruled (Gemini and Virgo) then Sag and Pisces (through their relationships), Aries through identity and ego.

The rest of us can observe ourselves and our relationships.  If you know where Aries falls in your chart, then you’ll know where 10 weeks of review is occuring.


End of Part One.

Venus in Aries: March 6 through March 30

The Goddess of Love aka Venus/Aphrodite has at least several phases.  Warrior and lover are becoming well known. Now that she treks through individualistic Aries until March 30, 2018, we have our marching orders:  Stay present and focused. Accept feedback when it’s constructive, ignore it when it’s dampening your spirit.


Aries is a ‘do your own thing’ process.  Venus’s concern for what others think (and in her Evening Star phase until October 25, 2018 in conforming Capricorn highlights this predisposition.  Locating and living with the sweet spot of self-direction and affirmation aligned to cooperation and consensus building is what these next weeks will be about.


We awakened to Saturn squaring (challenging) Venus this morning.  Instead of getting bogged down in self-worth internal dramas (based upon past betrayals and potential ostracizing), I went through some old mail and de-cluttered a table or two.  It is important in a pre-retrograde Mercury (March 22 - April 15) to keep your energies moving. Venus/Saturn can have you thinking about what you have lacked, are lacking or will lack.  Saturn in Capricorn demands responsibility for every action. Venus in Aries wants change now!

Capricorn New Moon 1.16.18 @ 8.16 pm CST

1+1+6+2+0+1+8=19/10/1  This New Moon has the number one written all over it.  The Sun (joy/clarity/play), The Wheel of Fortune (cycles/pattern recognition) and The Magician (intention/manifestation).  What you put into motion will demonstrate its longevity at the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 31.

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