Jupiter in Scorpio: Five Lessons in Shadow Faith

Lesson Two

In our western world, we are taught to worship (no pun intended) the rational mind.  Think STEM versus National Endowment of the Arts, sciences and humanities.  Jupiter as a planet that works intimately with the possibilities of life, our aspirations and search for meaning cannot happen as effectively without understanding, faith.

Lesson Three

The conversation at KCTV5 ended with an exchange of business cards.  I have reached out to continue getting to know this even minded and open hearted individual.  That’s a goal of Jupiter in Scorpio.


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Lessons in Humility: Virgo New Moon

New Moon in Virgo has Mars included...(war, militancy)  He is challenging USA's natal Mars.  Hopefully, talk beats action...

Virgo can quell these militant urges through reminding us the value of cleaning up the ego's excesses.  All nations are made up of individual egos.  Virgo says we all must serve.  Being the sign that follows Leo, it knows that 'to rule (Leo) is to serve (Virgo)'.

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