Growth is Inevitable: Feeling Underappreciated? Venus Retro in Scorpio

There is a shift in how we share ourselves, spend money and use power. Until November 16, let the Goddess of Love, Art, Beauty and Joy (Venus) work her magic through the power of your soul. Make time to assess what you have and need in your relationships. Merge your egocentric needs with your higher self needs for virtuous and authentic connections. Your soul knows what you must to do, whom you must become for your evolution. Trust this inner alchemical work.

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What's Next, Mars Direct?

Today’s blog that combines the Numerology of 8.28.2018 and the Astrology of our warrior energy Mars beginning to move again in our skies.

The #Metoo movement and any time one human being attempts to bully another is connected to Mars energy (when it become systemized usually Saturn is involved & when taboo or collectively demonstrated, as in Charlottesville Pluto is indicated).

Mars, Saturn and Pluto are all in Capricorn until Mars shifts signs into Aquarius on September 10, 2018. Watch and learn how to use these assertive energies wisely or be used by them.

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