Lessons in Humility: Virgo New Moon

New Moon in Virgo has Mars included...(war, militancy)  He is challenging USA's natal Mars.  Hopefully, talk beats action...

Virgo can quell these militant urges through reminding us the value of cleaning up the ego's excesses.  All nations are made up of individual egos.  Virgo says we all must serve.  Being the sign that follows Leo, it knows that 'to rule (Leo) is to serve (Virgo)'.

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29 degrees of Leo: Total Solar Eclipse

Leo energies center around being an authentic role model.  Knowing your audience without pandering to them.  This Total Solar Eclipse requires (more than belief, pun intended), even demands a standing up and OUT of our pasts.  Pasts that have been too long determined by race, gender, class, orientation, educational opportunities, privilege and little to no real analysis of how discuss and remedy.

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