New Moon in Scorpio 2017

We recognize the ‘other’ in the preceding sign of Libra; we respond from our souls instinctively about how to treat these ‘others’ in Scorpio.  This profound water sign gets a lot of flak for being intense, yet not all transformations have to be psychological, sometimes you might want to get your hair cut or done.  Freud stated that ‘sometimes a cigar is a cigar’, therefore a physical change can symbolize an inner one.    

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What’s Wrong with Kevin? Venus Star at Work

What our culture learns (Jupiter) for these hidden sexual acts that revolve around use of power (Scorpio) will be on our collective school curriculum until November 8, 2018.  The sky god Jupiter cleans house in his brother’s underworldly lair.

It is important to separate pedophilia, molestation from healthy consensual sex between adults.  In these days of information overload it is all too easy to conflate gay folk with ‘being on the make’, unwilling to commit.  This is false.  It supports the assumed privilege that brings in respectability politics.


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