My Son, Michael Sam and Venus Star Men

Last night I received a text from my sports driven son, Jelani.  It read, "I would be working/have to write the news story for when the potentially first openly gay NFL player comes out :-). I don't really believe in coincidences".  Damn straight (no pun intended), there are no coincidences.

The 'coincidence'?  This potential NFL player is Michael Sam, from the University of Missouri. An All-American in the SEC conference who is looking to be drafted.  The exceptional beauty (and risk) of his coming out before he finds a team is that every team (hence, the entire nation) will be watching.  

Jelani is the only person I know who watches ESPN classic, even when he knows the outcome of a game, he'll still watch it.  Like any parent, you wonder where did this desire come from?  I have Mars (energy/drive) in Leo (shine on) in the fifth house (children).  I used to joke that he received all of my suppressed sports genes.  He works at NBC sports, a researcher for the scroll (chyron) we see at the bottom of the screen.  Micheal Sam would be that player, that is, after he's drafted.  


Mr. Sam is 24 years old.  He has just entered into his third cycle of the Venus Star Point.  Being born as an Aries Evening Star with Mars (its ruler) in competitive Sagittarius, it is no wonder he is the first to come out as gay.  Aries Stars, be they Evening or Morning, love to be the first. Evening Stars choose their battles carefully, and normally, they have their communities in mind when they do make 'waves'.  

Michael also was born while Venus was in retrograde in Aquarius (subculture and LGBTQ folk).  When the goddess of Love is looking like she's spinning backwards, she is physically closer to the Earth. A closer Venus has a stronger effect on the affairs of Earth.  Don't talk to me about retrograde planets being weak.  They are not.  Would you call an introvert weak?  Nope.  A retrograde Venus is an introverted Venus.  Suffice it to say, this Venusian man has the blessing to love how he wants to love, and to get the community's approval while at it.  Aquarius is also the sign of brotherhood, teamwork and transparent breaking of outdated social mores.  At its best, the water bearer can exhibit agape, a form of unconditional love for all.

Sam's Venus Star shifted from an Aries Evening Star to a Capricorn Morning Star at age 11.  On January 11, four days after his 24th birthday, he had his third Venus Star return.  He is responsibly getting on with following his life's passions.  That passion is playing a sport he loves, openly and honestly.  He does not have to lead the gay pride parades, his story is the advocacy many teens, family members and homophobic folk must see.  In typical Evening Star Venus fashion, Michael solicited the help of older out players before telling his story, 'his truth' as Sam put it.  That's a very Capricorn thing to do; it is part of the Capricorn script.

Jelani was born as an Evening Star Scorpio with Mars in Cancer in the eighth house.  Like Michael their ruling planet Mars is in a supportive angle to their Venus Star (Jelani played soccer from age six to his third year in college).  Michael's Venus Star in Aries is exactly trine (same element, 120 degrees apart, flowing & supportive) to his Mars in Sagittarius.  Mars has long been associated with athletics.  And, Sagittarius is a community driven fire sign searching for life's meaning.  It is fire by friction.  Mars is our psychic 'motor'.  I've learned that football players who get their teammates 'riled up' have 'motors'.  Michael has a good 'motor' according to one scout report.  Sagittarius' motor would be enthusiastically following your vision, getting others to do so too.

Sam's news could be a boon for Jelani's work at NBC.  Inadvertently, this very brave soon-to-be NFL player will be helping advance my son's reporting.  Much like the karmic relationship of the Aries Venus Star feeding the Scorpio Venus Star.  Through our nation's acceptance and increased transparency eventually a player's sexual orientation will become a non-story.  

Time will tell how much the NFL (and our nation) will grow and evolve, but one thing is for sure, that agony and defeat or glory and acclaim found in the world of sports will never be same, thanks to the bravery of Michael Sam.

And, I'm sure that Michael's cautious Capricorn self thinks, 'first things first: get drafted'.