Stop the Presses! Mercury is in Retrograde

As I write this, our area has received nearly a foot of snow.  It makes travel very difficult.  Just in time for our thrice yearly Mercury retrograde.  On a mundane level, Mercury slows down epitomize obstacles in physical travel.  Psychologically, the god of travelers, business people and the workplace wants us to shift our awareness.  What does your mind continue to focus upon?  How can you gain more consciousness regarding your mental chatter?  


Sometimes we need (or our higher selves surmise) physical obstacles to get us to awaken to the real nature of our reality.  Mercury, in his guise as trickster, sometimes behaves as a mischievous child and sometimes a wise old man or the fool.  In Pisces and Aquarius, this retrograde he'll play the wise old fool, dispensing wisdom in an unexpected manner.


Those who are born under the signs of Gemini and Virgo know enough to brace themselves during Mercury slowdowns.  He stops at 4th degree of Pisces on Thursday, February 6th at 2:47 pm.  He will begin to move again on Friday, February 28th at 8:01 am.  He returns to the concentrated 'mind set' air sign of Aquarius on Thursday, February 13, where he will stay until St. Patrick's Day.  Societal approved drinking on the day Mercury returns to Pisces (water sign of escapism), I wonder if the number of DUI's will be noticeably higher or will the police be more compassionate, also an element of Pisces?


These areas of your chart will be activated for communication 'mishaps', but upon reflection there will be a silver lining in those computer glitch like clouds.  'Patience' is what ol Mercury retrograde wants you to focus on.  In 2013, Mercury backwards motion stayed in the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.  We are continuing to review our past, but for 2014 it is about how to analyze which relationships no longer work and how to correct them (that's the air element component).

Mythological Mercury

On the day of his birth, Mercury/Hermes stole cattle from his brother Apollo.  To cover up his crime he had them walk out of the cave backwards (shades of retrograde motion).  This trickster wants you to look at what your spirituality is doing?  Have you been lying by omission?  At what point does wool gathering and exaggeration no longer resemble the facts of a situation?  Rationalization is a strong component of Mercury's domain, and in Pisces he can have you play the role of martyr, shaming others into behaviors.  Once he returns to Aquarius, expect those debates around community, shared resources and political graft.  


Realize that all folk who have major planets or angles on the mutable cross are more susceptible during these Mercury slowdowns and turnabouts.  Sagittarius and Pisces join the Gemini and Virgo in terms of their relationships becoming effected.  If you've been sweeping too much under the proverbial rug, you may need to check your commitment before you say something you cannot take back.  That's good advice for all of us, but it is better counsel for those who have Sagittarius or Pisces Sun, Moon or Rising Signs.