Warrior Venus & Artisan Mars

Financial planner and hipster. Triathlon winner and musician.  Blue jobs and pink jobs.  Aggressive women and sensitive men.  Red states and blue states.

To think that this is a simple delineation, realize that men have Venus and women have Mars somewhere in their astrological charts.  As we move away from traditional gender roles and expectations, we seek wholeness within, not without.

What role do you play in your intimate relationships?  How can you let go of outmoded (and often stereotypical) gender roles?  What if you're not in an opposite sex relationship, how can you assess your internalization of what your gender says about not only how you treat your partner, but close friends? Friendships can often be a training ground for the intimacy found in your primary relationship.  

Venus organizes our hearts to be inclusive and accepting.  It is when there is too much Mars (individualism and self-interest) and little to no Venus that we get domination, abuse and violence.  Too much Venus and there's vanity, duplicity and an urge to please that is "Minnesota Nice" or "Southern Belle Fake".

We began this year with Venus (love) in retrograde.  The retrograde symbol is Rx.  You might think because this is the same symbol for prescription drugs that retrograde planets need a bit a medicine.  They do.  They do, only if, you are living out loud with little to no internal reflection or contemplation, digging in, as it were.  An inverted use of Venus' attracting principle comes from looking outside oneself for your internal value.  Venus' appears to spin backwards every 1.6 years so your 'divine discontent' can impel you to shift your focus to your inner needs.  After all, it is called in-security, where ironically, you look everywhere but within for security.

Then, for most of February, Mercury went into retrograde.  The little & nimble trickster began his backwards trek in Pisces only to end up spending most of his time in objective and scientific Aquarius, talk about a cosmic mind fuck.  Aquarius has a loyalty to truth at all costs.  Sometimes our hearts want to believe the comfortable lie.  And, we had not assimilated the lessons that Venus (loyal to love and beauty) was teaching us through the pragmatic earth sign of Capricorn.  Collectively, the wounds from mixing love and duty from Venus' slow movement were smarting.  And, here's Mercury rubbing salt in said wounds.  Maybe, you've said things that you wish to take back.  Each of these signs (Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces) belong to the transpersonal (it's not only about you) part of the zodiac.  

March began with Mars in retrograde in diplomatic and peace seeking Libra.  Warrior Mars speaking cooperative language, a softening, a sixties theme 'make love, not war' beckons, our spirit calls for union.  Even Putin wanted to merge with Ukraine.  (We won't know this outcome until mid-July.)  Our war hawks predictably called our President a wuss, but I'd say his astrologers are better than Putin's.  I would have suggested he wait until middle summer before invading, annexing or merging.  It is a general rule of thumb that to initiate war under a Mars retrograde is folly for the initiator.  

What does that say about the disagreements you've been having in your intimate relationships since March 1?

Until May 19, we must live with the planet of self-assertion and primal drives to be out of phase.  If you can remember that a retrograde planet demands internal refection and individuation, only then are you 'protected by the gods'.  Make Mars your own.  Know which principles are worth fighting for.  Know how to get over and forgive.  

Helping these new arrangements is none other than creative and loving Venus in Aries.  From May 2-28, the goddess of love and union will be in Mars ruled Aries.  And, he will be in Venus ruled Libra until July 25.  Astrologers call this 'mutual reception'.  It is like going to your favorite hotel and getting a suite when you've paid for double.  Or visiting your BFF only to meet other people who become fast (but long lasting) friends.  

In essence, we are being taught to balance (Libra) the I (Aries) in conscious relationship (Libra).  Libra, as the only initiating air sign, begins new forms of relating.  Mars represents what's pioneering about our spirits and souls.  It was under a Mars retrograde (March 25) that Libra and Morning Star Gemini Gwyneth Paltrow introduced to a larger audience the phrase 'conscious uncoupling'.  Leave it to 'let build new relationship model' Libra and a Venus Star Point in Gemini to get us talking about how to end our relationships from a position of personal power consciously used.  Ms. Paltrow has a Morning Star Venus which means she would be a warrior for words and making connections that others would not possibly think about.  In our relatively young culture we not tend to ponder the knowledge that 'how we end things is as important as how we begin them'.  

A mutual reception between the goddess of love and god of war can reminds us what relationships and ideals are truly worth fighting for and which ones are not.  If you can wait until you have a clear vision of what to do after contemplation, then Venus and Mars have done their job.