Mercury Retrograde in Cancer/Gemini (June 7-July 1, 2014)

Yes, it's that time again.  Mercury slows down, gets close to our Earth, looks like he's moving backwards.  This little god of commerce, communication and the workplace wants you to pay attention to the motivation behind all self-expression.  Remember our minds are an extension of our spiritual essences found through our Sun signs.

Mercury, as a representative of thought, can connect to any of our planetary teachers.  He will spend from May 29 through June 17 in the initiating water sign of Cancer.  Waxing nostalgic and wanting to talk about our feelings, this is one way Mercury can manifest.  However, the ten days that he is retrograde, you can best believe you'll be looking to your past for answers.

Particularly those born in early Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, it will be important to adopt an attitude that smarts of 'there for the grace of God, go I'.  Because you like to get things done, you could easily end a connection through a lack of patience with those of us who like to ponder and contemplate (hello, I'm talking about the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio).

Gemini, Virgos and those whose businesses rely upon travel, computers and gadgetry have to count to ten before destroying machines and hearts.  Geminis need to delay any large changes to their physical appearances, remember, retrogrades are about our inner world and its realities. What is given in a retrograde can be taken away, when it is not aligned with our soul's plan for our lives.  Virgos may find that work friends are more like colleagues, so expect some shifting of certain intimacies.

How To Make The Best of a Mercury Slow Down

When in doubt, do not talk, email or return any communication.  When in bigger doubt, have a face to face, a Soprano like 'sit down'.  Tone, intention and simply taking the time to 'clean yourself up' can send signals that you care.  To flip off a text, Facebook message or an Instagram when a relationship is a bit rocky will not work, especially while this guide of souls (Mercury) is skipping steps in oh, so sensitive Cancer.  

No communication is better than inartful communication.  However, you can communicate that you need (Cancer responds to this word, along with 'feel' and 'sense') space to contemplate what is happening within you.   Keep the focus on what you need, feel or sense.  After June 17, when Mercury returns home for a sojourn in airy Gemini, you'll feel intermittent lightness with a bit of cloudy thinking.  But, Gemini is where we study the process of thinking and communicating. We learn through a Mercury retrograde in Gemini how to consider many different possibilities in our minds, we do not judge what we are thinking, we think about what we are thinking.  No morality or judgment allowed.

So until July 1 (the day he goes direct), you can ask questions about what your closest are thinking.  You can even poll acquaintances, observers and other 'neutral' parties about what they would do in your circumstances.

From July 1-July 15, Mercury will be moving forward, but still going over ground he's already covered from May 23 to June 7.  Resist the temptation to be surprised when you sense a reexamination of unfinished business in the first two weeks of July.  Know that philosophical Jupiter will be ending his yearly trek through Cancer on July 16.  Jupiter acts as the moral arbiter in our solar school system.  We are all being asked to balance the facts of what happened in our early childhoods to what were the intentions.  Mercury reports; Jupiter discerns.  Mercury distills; Jupiter aspires.  If you want to know how these two teachers affect you and your loved ones more precisely, fill out an appointment form.

You cannot give enough love to those who have fully and openly supported you during this retrograde.  You can reassert your more positive feelings while airing out your grievances.  We are all learning how to become better active listeners at these Gemini/Cancer junctures.  An active listener pays attention to what is being said, not only thinking about what he'll say once the other has ceased talking.

We must be just innocent enough while asking questions.  Release the need to be concerned that others may think we are too suspicious. Sure, there fine lines to be walked during a Mercury retrograde time period.  Yet, it is in our willingness to see the 'gray', leaving the ego's need for absolute answers behind.  In this manner our souls are girded and our evolutionary capabilities enhanced.  A retrograde Mercury, when heeded, can give voice to our Super Hero like souls.