Maya Angelou and Life Mates

Like most of the civilized world, I mourn the passing of author, professor, poet, activist Maya Angelou.  She lived to inspire everyone to be the best human being.

Born on April 4, 1928 under a Morning Star Virgo Venus Star and the year of the Earth Dragon, her symbols bring together the mythical dragon, Aries Sun with an exact square to Pluto in Cancer and 'let me bring order out of chaos' Virgo Star.  The Sun/Pluto aspect can shine light on abuse, violence and domination.  The Virgo Star can have a profound need to serve even those who torment or persecute them.  She was raped at age seven, named her assailant and he was murdered by those she told.  Until age 12, she only spoke to her brother.  

Through all of her travails, she did not lose sight (Aries/Mars in Chinese Astrology/Medicine goes to the eyes) of her will and a need to help others.  Even her initials M.A. spell 'ma'.  And, she was mother to the world.  Further exemplified by a Mars/Ceres conjunction in world server and universal Aquarius.  This planetary connection would show up a protector of the oppressed and disenfranchised.

When you are born with communicative Mercury merging with aesthetically connected Venus in Pisces, poetry is a sure bet.  Ms. Angelou had these two planets blessing her at her birth. 

Pisces as bodhisattva chimes in as a calling of hers.   She would aid others in enlightenment and speak about compassion and empathy.  She had an ability to see beyond the trappings of gender, race, class and orientation, while simultaneously speaking about these oppressions and their impact.

Life Mates and the Venus Star

The alignment of the Earth, Sun and Venus before your birth is called your Venus Star Point.  

When Venus is physically closer to the Earth and about to retrace her steps, she is in her Morning Star phase.  When she is on the other side of the Sun (off in the cosmos, as it were), she is in her Evening Star phase.  Warrior or lover?  Individualist or consensus builder?  

Maya was born as a warrior for order with a Virgo Star.  Oprah Winfrey organized and spoke at her memorial service.  She said she had never felt pain and loss like this.  These two women are life mates on the Venus Star.  Virgo gets fed by Aquarius.  Maya was Morning Star yang with a mutable yin earthy Virgo; Oprah is Evening Star yin with fixed yang airy Aquarius.  This is a typical feeling when your Life Mate on the Venus Star transitions.  You feel immense loss, as if a cosmic family member has died.  Do you know your Life Mate on the Venus Star?

I lost three close friends whose Aries Morning Star feeds mine.  In 1998, 2008 and 2010, I have not felt loss more acutely than when my life mates left their physical bodies.  I empathize with Ms. Winfrey.  I still wonder who feeds Oprah from the Gemini/Cancer part of her Venus Star?

Twin Mates and the Venus Star

Our First Lady spoke at Maya Angelou's memorial service.  Her loudest applause and standing ovation came from the line "words so powerful that they carried a little black girl from the south side of Chicago all the way to the White House."

Mrs. Obama was born with an Evening Star in Virgo.  This makes her and Maya Angelou Harmonizing Twin Stars.  They are of the same passions.  A double yin influence of Mrs. Obama's can make her more sensitive to criticism than Angelou's warrior Morning Star, but both would be aware of their imperfections, no matter how phenomenal they reflected upon themselves.  Both of these women have Mars in social justice and progressive thinking Aquarius, so their warriors would have similar perspectives of using one's brains and pens, not guns or swords.

Maya Angelou will be missed, mourned, but never forgotten.