Full Moon in Scorpio: Sunday, May 3, 2015 @ 1042 pm CDT

It is rumored that Buddha was born, became enlightened and died under this potent Full Moon.

So, that’d make the king of nonattachment a Taurus. Full moons illuminate polarity.  I have Taurus get reflected by I desire Scorpio.  And, I’ve just lost interest.  No, really, it is important to know what truly matters (Taurus/earth sign pun).  Scorpio cuts out the extraneous and focuses intently upon their passions.  Healthy desert dwellers (scorpions) are not afraid to exhibit what truly motives them.  Usually Taurus is not prone to look to the heavens, when the Earth is providing her bounty, in the guise of good food, sex, money and whatever status symbols delight the child of the Bull.  Left to its own devices, however, tribal Taurus can easily become masturbatory, literally and figuratively.  It must risk what it has for the true hell and back peer bonding found through its opposite Scorpio.  (And, who can say that sex isn’t a risk? Helluva bonding requires a loss of ego, too.)

What’s really going on at this Full Moon?  The King of the Gods, Jupiter, takes center stage.  He sits at a 90 degree angle to the Sun and Moon.  He hamming it up from this self-expressive and noble sign of Leo.  Alongside him is his mythological wife, Juno, the patron Goddess of commitment and equality.  When three concentrated (fixed) signs are highlighted, we all get to learn the lesson of discerning when are we being stubborn or persevering?

Jupiter can exaggerate whatever planetary energy he touches.  With the Moon in Scorpio there can be an excess of suspicion, control and paranoia.  The Sun in Taurus sits like a Buddha, full and satisfied, and emanates the chilled and relaxed or (chillax) vibe.  However, if the physical comforts (or financial insecurity) rears its ugly neurotic head, Taurus can be as hotheaded as any card carrying Aries person (although the destruction left in their wake is more permanent).

Speaking of permanence, that’s a Buddhist principle, there’s no such thing as permanence.  The only permanence is impermanence.  Enter stage left, Jove in playful, let’s live for now, Leo.  Stage right has brooding (and often calculating) Scorpio sensing that there’s an over-attachment occurring, so cold turkey is the only solution, be that ending a relationship, food, sex, drugs or rock and roll.  You get the point.

Extreme weather and news are potentials over the next couple of weeks.  Juno has a corner on equality for those who are disenfranchised.  Although I do not revel in thinking there will be more incidents like Baltimore, I cannot dismiss the alignment of these higher energies.  In Kansas City’s astrological chart, revolutionary Uranus forms an angle of obsession to our city’s government and its officials.  Something may unexpectedly leak regarding our lawmakers with regards to inappropriate use of funds with real estate or inequities of restaurant inspections and regulations.

In our personal lives, we’d all need to be approaching our relationships with the highest and purest of intentions, as Neptune figures prominently through aspecting Saturn (rules, laws, integrity) and Mercury (thought, perception communication).  The fact that these two reality expanding energies (Jupiter and Neptune) are fully operational, know this:  what you see, may not be what you get, particularly if you are not heeding the Buddha.

I could go into whole life is suffering Buddha thing.  But, I’ve lost interest again.  Suffice it to say, craving or desiring (the second noble truth) does lead you to suffer.  You alone must know yourself well enough to become happy enough with yourself.  This requires contemplation, something we Westerners know very little about.

Use this Full Moon to reflect on the nature of all your desires.  And, ask yourself do you share yourself freely or with conditions?  Do you have absolute and unconditional love for you?  Realize you cannot give (Scorpio) what you do not have (Taurus).  Let Jupiter benevolent energies remind you that through love and play (Leo) we express our true spirit selves from moment to moment.  After all, we are all Buddha.