Venus Retrograde in Virgo/Leo: Summertime 2015 and 2007 and 1999 and 1991

It's an eight year kinda thing, you wouldn't understand.

Unless you are a child of Venus (or Mars in relationship to a lover), you wouldn't understand.

Presently, I have within my spiritual advocacy practice a number of Venus/artisans being bullied by Martial/warriors.  Does not matter which gender (unless legalities are involved), suffice it to say, that a Venus slowdown in moralistic, servile Virgo can be a very bad thing without trust and safe words.

The Importance of Your Rising Sign

Jolie asked an important question this week:  What if I don't have Taurus, Libra or Pisces prominently placed in my chart?  She, as a self-aware Aquarian (redundant, I know, pun intended, their keyphrase is 'I know'), knows her rising sign is Leo.  Venus will spend most of her retrograde time in Leo, not Virgo.  Party on!  Well, not so fast...a retro Venus can be like a 16 year old with a new car and license, energized but not experienced, provocative, but not in it for the long haul.  That's why I counsel to go slow with new acquaintances (and if you cannot forego the slow, then lessen expectations and stay present moment focused).  If someone comes from your past and you feel there is unfinished business (and you want to give a second chance), pedal to the lover medal!


Yet, when this goddess of union moves through Leo:  Pleasure alert!  Joy abounds!  Letting the good times roll!  Attracting the finer things in life!  Picking daisies to determine whether you're loved & how to count the ways.  An exceptionally egocentric and narcissistic approach to love and life, in the adolescence soul phases.  That's when vanity and pride create slippery slopes, falling down stairs and rationalizing all types of breaking monogamous vows.  Here's a hint in the 21st century, negotiate expectations.  If your love has fallen to become eroticized and spread around, reinstate your friendship first.  Ask insightful questions.  Listen before answering.  Know when not to talk.  There's pride in that Leo Venus heart.  Honor it.  Realize its a defense mechanism to not be taken for granted.  

Do You Know The Element Of Your Rising Sign?

Whether you're fired up or putting a wet blanket onto your life, it is important to know which element you present.  The rising sign sets up how you're perceived and how planets are likely to operate on earth, where this drama is being played out.

With the exception of July 18 through July 31, the energy of connection, reflection and self-worth, Venus will be in spirited Leo from June 5 through October 8, 2015.  Let us see and contemplate.

Known as the Goddess of love and pleasure, Leo celebrates life.  This could mean that the party's on!  It is more difficult to exhibit joy, when you allow others to shame you into suppressing or repressing (even worse!) you authentic responses to life, love and joyous abandonment.

The eight year increments represents a stint of Venus.  She has a 1.6 year (584 day cycle).  Knowing where your birth occurred can illuminate an aspect of how your soul manifests its core attractions and gifts.  The retrograde cycle (when she's physically closest to the Earth) offers a time period to examine what (and who) truly matters. 

Now That You've Got Yours, What About Me?

Last, and certainly not least, I go over how this Venus retrograde affects all 12 signs.

I'll let this video speak for itself...

Remember you have all 12 signs within your being in varying degrees.  Getting a chart done by a professional matters.  Learning this language yourself is a trend of the future.  Think 85 years ago psychotherapy was taboo and in its infancy...our grandparents did not say 'persona', 'subconscious', or 'projecting'.  Over the next decades, knowing your Big Three Signs (Sun, Moon & Rising) will be like knowing your name.