Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Ever flipped a coin to make a decision?  Heads or tails?

It is one coin.  Two sides.

Full Moons are two signs on one axis.  Virgo/Sun/heads and Pisces/Moon/tails.  At an Lunar Eclipse, though, the coin falls in the mud or it rolls away.   In essence, expect the unexpected.  The Sun (our conscious way of living in the world), Earth (where we are living out our various dramas) and Moon (subconscious, instincts, past) align at Lunar Eclipses.  

Exactly 19 years ago on September 16, 1997 there was a Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  Does your past have to be prologue?  Can you recognize precisely which ghosts from your past that need to be released in order to create a healthier future?  In what ways did you have to 'come out' and live more authentically and less compartmentalized?

Unlike 1997, this eclipse has Mars challenging it from Sagittarius.  So, boundary dissolving Pisces Moon of love, joy and peace can be elusive at best, and angry or violent at worse.  Mars is our 'terrible twos' planet.  He wants to prove his separate self.  In Sagittarius, Mars creates friction around big picture stuff:  religion, philosophy, culture, law, political systems.  

Imagine that your past is kindling and Mars ignites it and you live in southern California.  

Are you reactionary or responsive?  Hopefully, you'll get your marching orders from responsive and mature Saturn who is also in Sagittarius.  Mars represents the way you act from your personal will; Saturn represents the way you respond from a mature and considered will.   Mars behaves as a soldier. Saturn is an officer.

The insecurities of Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces rests on your relationship to Saturn.  The insecurities of the mutable signs (Gemini too) are built upon having experience through observation of when to expand and contract.   Saturn contracts.  In Sagittarius, he wants fundamental answers.  In a very real way, we are experiencing that in our world.  Red states/blue cities, Christian/Muslim, To kneel/not to kneel, Black Lives Matter/All Lives Matter, rich/poor.  Once we evolve to utilize our separating minds (fostered in Gemini) to connect to our unifying world soul (inculcated in Pisces), we might actually become a sacred planet along with others in our galaxy.

 More growth to do...if you are under 29 years of age, you have not gone through your Saturn return.  There's lead that still has to be transformed into gold.  The scummy dross that we are all working to change is our belief systems.  

Where do you still harbor resentment or judgements about others's religion or world view?  Where have you done little to no work on focusing on what your life really means?  What is your legacy, your impression upon others?  Legacy and Saturn walk hand in hand; impression is more of an immediate Mars thing.  Yet both of these energies figure prominently now and for the next six months.  Add up enough impressions and you create a legacy.

How This Eclipse Presented in my Life 

About 10 days ago a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses (JW's) came to my door (past childhood religion, hello, Moon that is being eclipsed).  I had every intention of saying I am a Buddhist.  (Let them chew on that.  Buddha predates your Jesus and where was he from the ages of 18-30/his Saturn return?)  I knew that was an answer we did not like if someone said they were not Christian.  However, when she asked had she awakened me, in that incredulous tone...I sighed, shifted and said, 'No.  I have one phrase for you. 1975.'  She put the magazine called The Watchtower back into her carrying case, looked up to the sky, responded, 'have a good day'.  They left.

1975 was the date that we had been taught that the world would end.  I cannot begin to tell you how many times and at how many doors I preached that apocalyptic crap! I did not plan to go to college, become a father or think aspirationally and long term because that what I was taught.  Thanks Gawd, she had enough sense not to preach to me!   Moments later a sharp pain went through my physical body as if I had released whatever resentments had been a part of my muscle memory.  Yea!

Know that eclipses come in pairs.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurred on September 1 in humble service oriented Virgo in close communicative aspect to Saturn (past and Old Testament Jehovah in my past life as a JW).  Look over these past weeks to which beliefs no longer serve you.  Fortunately, I had two JW's knock on my front door to demonstrate how far I have grown.  I have no need to prove what I believe (cause belief is not required), knowledge is.

What I know is....Pisces Eclipse asks for a coming together, right now...over unity and shared emotional/soulful interests.

What I know is...if you don't begin to speak up and take action for unity you might as well symbolically place a white hood over your head because you are part of the problem.

What I know is...Mars in his last days of Sagittarius (until September 27) promises more divisiveness, inequities that bring on more war and more ADHD and distraction from what would bring us together.

What I know is...pay attention to your past without getting attached to how it 'supposed to be'.

What I know is...the heads' side of the coin desires a way to show your love to others through humility and service, discerning which skills are needed moment-to-moment.

What I know is...the tails' side of the coin inspires you to feel how interconnected the entirely of life looking beyond what divides and separates us into fearful souls.

Lastly, what I know is...allow your healthy relationship to your observing mind to take hold.  Beliefs and opinions without study, observation and a willingness to listen to opposing viewpoints can be very much like those JW's...all agenda without any real answers.