Jupiter in Libra: Shifting Our Collective Frequency from Grief to Joy (part ONE)

Thursday September 9, 2016 through October 10, 2017, ol’ Jove will be in the cardinal sign of Libra.

Over the past 13 months the philosophically driven and expansive energy of this would be star, Jupiter has been in exacting and health conscious Virgo.  What steps did you take to become aware of your excesses?  Over work much?  Unable to relax?  We know that Americans because of our relationship to the early Puritan founders and an overlay of traditional and unexamined Christianity works more and takes less vacation time than other industrialized countries.  Precision and improvement of our service to others requires an internal balance of when to work/give and when not to work/give.  Jupiter can create the safe space for us to examine what our aspirations truly are, and over the past year in Virgo, he has been teaching us a lesson in managing the soul and body aka psyche-soma. 

If you feel like you possess a more integrated being than you did last year, then you’ve done good work.  Ol' Jove (aka Zeus too) loves integration and expansion of his ideals.  (What do you think those myths of sexual conquests of those other cultures was all about, anyway?) Although if there has been little self-improvement or you’ve gone from one humiliating experience to another, then Jupiter may have given you the vision, only to see what more needs to be done.  Procrastination has become your friend; self-critique has been your traveling companion. 

No need to fret, though.  Each sign builds upon its previous one.  The exacting nature of Virgo tending to define itself by what is lacking can morph into an idealistic persuasive visionary in the sign of the scales. Over the past year (Jupiter spends approximately a year in sign which makes him connect to the animals of Chinese Astrology), we have been detailing where we are out of alignment with our genetic frequencies.  For more information go to www.qualiathreads.com.  What’s next?  Epigenetics, nutrition, exercise and amino acid supplements are a progression in our integrated development as earth beings.

When there is enough grief physically, spiritually, emotionally and/or mentally, we start to ask different questions which then leads to being grateful for what we HAVE, hopefully.  There can be very little joy without gratitude…too bad too many adolescent (aka externally driven only) souls suck all the air out of the room and media spotlight that we begin to believe that feeling gratitude means you’re naïve.  Wrong!

The perfection sought by Virgo can be doomed from the start.  As any self-respecting earth sign (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn) will tell you, there is no such thing as perfection…at least not on the physical plane.  That’s why earth signs can, at times, seem so deadpan and basically unimpressed.  They have pragmatist leanings like a Pennsylvanian suburbanite leaning Democratic in our upcoming election.  It is sensed, but it is not November 8.  Jove gives us a discussion of possibilities for shared future.  Going into Libra he is seeding us with ideals to increase the peace, joy and mutual understanding as respected equals, not subordinates.

Earth signs are a ‘what you see is what you get’ or ‘what you have, show’ folk.  Jupiter demonstrates an area of lives where we perceive abundance.  When your soul has begun to connect the dots of humanity, the god of the thunderbolt asks that you ‘pay it forward’.  Giving without attachment aka ‘strings’ is a sure fire way to ‘pay it forward’.  So, over the past year, hopefully, you sought to aid others in little ways.

Realize that those of you in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will be told by other stargazers that the skies will open and bounty will appear.  Especially Libra, watch out when you read on the net how positive your messages will be.  Yet, to truly get the resources of Jupiter, you’ve got to understand what Saturn is doing.

Saturn is traveling through the sign of Sagittarius which is Jupiter ruled.  Law of economy and necessity (Saturn) moves through the area of expansion and aspiration (Sag).  As it’s been said that ‘faith without works is dead’ and ‘without a vision the people perish’, these biblical verses encapsulate a truth about Saturn and Jupiter, respectively.  In myth, Saturn and Jove play out the father who fears his son surpassing him.  It's a real Old Testament page turner that you already know.  Fortunately, ol Jove outsmarts his fearful dad with the help of Amalthea, his foster mother, when his own mother (Rhea) had to give Saturn a stone instead of her son.  Women mattered.

Opportunities abound for those of us who consistently tests our philosophies and intuitive visions in the so-called ‘real’ world of time and space.  Without a recognizing of our patterns of growth juxtaposed to reevaluation and contraction, this Jupiter in Libra could leave you a circle of new friends, partners and lovers that serve a swallow or superficial side of you, fair weathered, so to speak.  However, when you use Libra’s neutrality to observe yourself in relationship with others, it becomes easier to reach consensus.  Saturn receives his power from Libra.  Saturn as judge.  Saturn as active listener.  Saturn as pragmatic conservative of time, resources and ego.

Jupiter moving through the realm of beauty (Venus/Libra) and the beast (Saturn/Libra) asks us to evolve from tolerance to acceptance.  If your soul is really old and grounded in the present, acceptance transforms into co-existence.  (Although there is a growing part of my being that sees a mega-shift in our frequencies, so others of a denser or divisive frequency will splinter into their own parallel realities.)  Understand that a basic difference between Virgo and Libra is lower and upper hemispheres or ego and collective.  Libra is the first sign above the horizon, and as such, has to learn to balance its ego/identity with an ‘other’.  The more evolved the Libran energies, the more diverse ‘others’ it can entertain.  Jupiter loves to conduct social experiments of diverse peoples, cultures and backgrounds; Libra enjoys initiating space for these events or happenings to ‘pop up’.  This next year promises a growth new alliances formed in the unlikeliest of places and between unexpected combinations of people. Remember that Libra as an energy pattern begins new forms of relationship.  Through late fall to mid winter, this expansion of acquaintances into more and beyond will be in full force.

Fundamental transformation of your beliefs and perceptions regarding peer relationships that is another interpretation of Jupiter’s transit through Libra.  So, how will this look to each sign?

Stay tuned for part two

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