Jupiter in Libra: Shifting Our Personal Frequency from Grief to Joy (Part Two)

It is not a Mercury retrograde phenomenon.

I intended to blog about the difference between Part One and Part Two.

After more than a couple of decades working and writing in this field, it still amazes me that most people want to hear about themselves and how the planetary frequencies affect them. 

OK.  However (or but), aren't we growing as a collective?  Doesn't your growth occur within the context of your relationships to others and the larger community or universe(s)?

So, let's work on looking at Part One as it affects everyone aka collective.

Part Two is about your sign...


Writer’s note:  If you know your rising sign, read that message too.  If you do not know your rising sign, find out now…it sets up how these planetary teachers will manifest personally.

Aries/Aries Rising:  It is about asking the correct questions when you meet a new person.  Look towards how others can help you obtain your long term goals.  Since last fall, you’ve been focused upon legacy, higher consciousness and knowing where life’s meaning can be found.  Jupiter will add those who want to support you, but if you stay all ‘my way or the highway’ or ‘I got this’, opportunities to expand will pass you by.  Too much quick and subjective judgements of others will leave you unfulfilled and lacking in inspiration.  But a willingness to stand in your personal truths while simultaneously hearing another’s will keep your dance card filled, be that business, pleasure or both.  Realize Jupiter in Libra indicates expansion of our philosophy of how relationships begin (again, that is, these beginnings apply to already established connections).

Taurus/Taurus Rising:  Sigh.  As patient as you appear, you are aware of what your temper can do.  Like a little moonlight, your frustration at discomfort or crass behaviors can be overlooked for far too long.  Eruptions are not suggested.  Use this broadening and clearing of the atmosphere to your advantage, start by accepting more invitations to gather with others and play.  An awareness of endings of all kind keeps you focused on what joy you can have in each moment.  Fear of betrayal comes around to get you humbly introspectively analyze what you can do better in each relationship.  Being born this way as applied to behaviors of grown ass folk does not apply.  I’m not suggesting you pack up and leave those who are challenging you grow, however, there is a reason we have two ears and one mouth…

Gemini/Gemini Rising: As the first air sign, you know the power of words and truth.  The air element (Aquarius/Libra) is dualistic, too often getting stuck in good/bad, black/white, and rich/poor designations.  Yet, it is the misinformation that you can spread through omitting certain facts that gets your closest others to look askance at you.  When those you expect to show up, are in the wind, ask yourself, ‘where did I stay self-involved and excessively private when openness was asked for?’ Over the past year, Jupiter has been getting you to tell a new narrative about your roots and early foundations.  Through forgiveness and active overlooking of petty behaviors, now you get to set the world on fire.  Self-determination and flexibility of mind and heart move you towards shared responsible relationships.  Alone?  Not for long, especially when you transcend past/future.  I don’t believe that the past has to be prologue, no more than I believe you cannot fully forgive without forgetting.

Cancer/Cancer Rising:  One of the cardinal signs (beginning of the season signs), Jupiter in Libra brings to the surface your security concerns…home, real estate, early childhood, family and traditions. What does it mean for you to have faith in one of these areas or all?  Libra highlights neutrality.  It would be healing for you to look over your past wounds from an objective stance.  Holding onto resentments can cause problems in your digestive tract.  Maybe it is beyond time change your definition of family and create new traditions.  With your sensitive heart, indeed it is better to honor the range of your feelings, than to suppress them to please others.  As an internally motivated sign that responds to outer stimulus, be you while doing your best to come up the best solution in each moment to the next moment.

Leo/Leo Rising:  The King of Gods was not Apollo, but Jupiter/Zeus.  Although the Sun rules Leo and royalty (our individual temperament of our special gift to offer to the rest of us), Jupiter in Libra demands your open mind to succeed at creating a reality that reflects your complex spiritual needs.  You see, Leo, once you have found an act from your center, you become a force with which to be reckoned.  Yet, your force must be balanced with the neutrality of Libra, and King Jupiter lending his energy in this sign. The fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) all can have an ‘entitled’ complex.  There is a spectrum.  However, Leo has the most likely lock on controlling its fiery aka subjective/entitled qualities, than Aries and Sagittarius.  Like it or not, this year you will called to leave your routines, man cave or prideful tit-for-tat to join and mediate your community challenges.

Virgo/Virgo Rising:  I’ve said that ‘Leo throws the party and you’re the cleanup crew’.  Jupiter binds and blends the lower and egocentric into an aspirational vision that is inclusive.  Over the past six weeks your mind has been in a Vulcan mind meld.  In other words, you have been allowing yourself to consider ways to put a square peg in a round hole.  Your willingness to entertain what would have not been reflected upon earlier this summer brings you wholeness, an efficiency that makes you beam, much like an over turned turtle that is no longer upside down.  As long as you continue to build a solid and private foundation for a continued career success, your self-worth increases.  No procrastination allowed.  That whole ‘journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step’ Taoist mic drop be very real for you while Jupiter speaks through Libra and exacting Saturn observes from visionary Sagittarius.

Libra/Libra Rising:  All eyes are on you.  Your world matches Juno (Jupiter’s wife and queen in her own right).  Her totem bird is the peacock whose feathers resemble eyes.  Seeing clearly regarding the equality in your closest relationship determines your health.  Commitment is a major focus of yours.  Jupiter gets you to reach beyond your past wounds from your closest relationships.  Know which stories you want to consistently tell.  Imagine that you are being judged by these stories.  ‘Fair and balanced’ used to be a way to describe your initiating sign of fall, but we know that has been coopted, by a network whom I will not name.  However, they act a symbol for when you lose your neutrality for status, money or sex.  Jupiter keeps you off of the road playing the role of hitchhiker where a philosophy is ‘cash, grass or ass’ in exchange for your ‘free ride’.  Integrity and discernment are must this year where you’ll receive more offers for partnership than you have in a long time.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising:  As emotionally complex as you can be, thanks to your opposing, yet complimentary, sign of Taurus, you can be physically and financially simple.  Driving a car until the tires fall off is one way you keep miscellaneous car parts out of landfills.  Jupiter sitting behind your sign in Libra represents a year of angels, miracles and behind the scenes wonders…as long as you regularly sit zazen.  Hello, lotus position of your chosen higher spirituality, that’s how Jove does it in Libra, for you Scorpio.  Saturn sends his to do lists in the areas of self-worth, financial responsibility and tending to what you have instead of coveting or desiring who or what is not there.  You are in the midst of developing the nexus of authentic partnership where all who come in contact with you flourish.  Shadow could be complacency and/or a lack of faith in the best of what we more evolved human beings have to offer.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising:  A medieval alchemist is how I’d describe you.  Jupiter in Libra expands your friendship circle, yet, broad and deep in this instance could be mutually exclusive.  The depth depends upon how you combine spontaneous awareness with your authentic experience.  Talking a good game, kissing a blarney stone and the fish story emanate easily from you.  However, some of us choose to use other gifts, although, we grasp how to express and utilize emotional truths.  For the past year, taskmaster Saturn has been bringing you in front of any and all authorities in direct proportion to your dismissal of said authority.  You can create negative karmas as well as positive ‘pay it forward’ ones.  Simply examining the possibility that others might have wanted to go in another direction than you can make a difference between repairing a wound and ending a unique connection.  Continued in Capricorn…

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising:  Begun in Sagittarius, please read their message first. I will wait until you finish.  Meanwhile, I am contemplating Aquarius’ message.  The last four signs of the zodiac mandala are called transpersonal.  Like transgender means beyond yet including both genders, transpersonal means beyond the personal, the ego.  If the spirit and message is too narrow and fundamental in Sagittarius, you, as Cap, become locked in believing only what your five senses can prove.  Your conditioning keeps you stilted and fractured.  When you allow release from a self-imposed mental prison, you flower as a role model in making spirit matter.  You integrate your multidimensional self with a part of you that can change the oil or flat tire as well as speak publically on how Citizens United must be overturned for our democracy to continue in our country.  Continued in Aquarius…

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising:  Your message began in Capricorn.  Yet, if I’m being ‘Aquarian Transparent’, your message predates all that I’ve written for this blog.  Hell, your message predates a whole hell of a lot that I could imagine.  As Cancer folk coexist and live at the source of emotion, you live at the beginning of thought.  Like Prometheus gave fire to humanity, you were Earth’s first social worker.  Still, you leak aka shedding a tear for an undereducated populace.  You are one of the four transpersonal signs.  Your anti-social behaviors this year will exist in congruent connection to the lack of curiosity in those surrounding you.  ‘Aquarius Transparent’ hold open communication and investigation in high esteem.  Those closest to you, know this:  Do not ask if you do not want truth.  Jupiter in Libra demands you sprinkle your universal truths with some humor.  Humor is not synonymous with pandering.  Humor indicates that you realize how much your audience can receive…crudely speaking, foreplay whispers a fingertip, tongue, toy or penis…what happens when gender is removed from how foreplay is defined?  The same can be said when your loyal-to-truth ass speaks.  Keep on reading in the last transpersonal sign of Pisces.

Pisces/Pisces Rising:  Take the time to read the preceding three messages.  Oh, don’t do no pouting, as if you ain’t used to putting your emotional needs off for someone else.  Promise, water sign to water sign, I’ll have you feel my soulful truths.  Soulful truth one:  You are ready for balance, beauty and boldness to be begin in all of your close peer relationships, both business and pleasure (or mixed).  Soulful truth two:  Sagittarians tap into your reserve nerves.  Saturn in their sign has demanded you grow up.  It will be helpful in accepting the centaurs when realize they are being pressured to mature too.  Yes, they are.  Saturn is inspecting all mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sag and you).  Like Gabrielle Union in Deliver Us from Eva (don’t know it, your loss…), she plays a health inspector, her male lead is LLCoolJ.  Jupiter in Libra is delivering you from excessive analysis of what you could change from your past.  Here’s a major hint: learning from your past is a sure way you will not repeat it.  Soulful truth number three:  Jupiter in Libra lifts all of us who are open hearted and integrity seeking to raise our frequencies in joyous celebration in a benign universe…a part of the universe waiting for Earth to recognize our innate unity of being.  By Jove, deliver us from Evil, forgive the transgressions against us…two thousand years and our planet still ain’t there.  We need your vision and compassionate heart to guide us, Pisces, please.