Venus in Taurus: Goddess of Love and Self-Worth

Goddess of Love and Values sitting prettily in her home sign of Taurus until April 24, 2018.  Wherever your Venus is placed, you have a symbol for possessing, having and owning. When She moves through this grounded, earthy and concentrated sign, She may be slow to connect but once she does merge with another, she is like the swan, mates for life.  


As a symbol of self-worth and self-love, Venus alerts us to bring our best selves to ourselves and others.  On the fixed (concentrated signs of mid-season) cross of life, Taurus is the first one. Hormone-driven and centered in the physical body, this warrior side of Venus connects us to our individualistic desires, masturbatory and self-centered.  Our sharing from this stubborn sign compels us to connect. Think teenager. Think survival of species. Think moth to the flame. Think our potential attachment to money and its ability to color our sense of self-worth, as in net worth. Taurus’ keyphrase is ‘I have’.  In the opposite sign of Scorpio, we learn to release our attachment to the physical plane. You are not the car you drive, the money you have or the ass you’ve just squeezed (hello, trophies).


Leo centers on the expression of spirit.  Not motivated by as much by the physical body, but by energy and vigor.  The compulsion for this concentrated visionary is to share its vibrations, radiantly.  This sign’s sexuality projects outwardly, usually its best self while simultaneously observing the facial expressions, body language and what your responses are to their expression.  Sexual and love expressions are personalized and subjectively motivated. Ignore them and you won’t be welcomed into their heart. Their energies enjoy flattery, but their fixity (inner purpose) knows when your compliments are insincere.


Scorpio’s intimate connection to its instincts to mate and have sex opposes (compliments) Taurus’ hormonal impetus for sex into a merging of our souls.  Scorpio follows Libra, so they have within their script the awareness of ‘the other’. Energy moves from the Leo spirit to union of two souls. How we feel about our gender, how we share our authentic selves without concealment or misrepresentation is where our souls live and thrive.  Venus here promises transformation of our individualistic egos into our higher (and deeper) selves.


Communal Aquarius takes the sexual and loving energy to the level of the mind, with its full on experimental sides.  Peer pressure and needing to belong while challenging the group, Venus allows for the future of love and sex. Conscious negotiating on what is the nature of our connection.  Leo eroticizes, while its complimentary (opposing) Aquarius loves from a more detached (friendship) position.


These next weeks, it is worthwhile to know how to ground your physical body as well as to materialize your values.  We are on the cusp of ‘put your money (time/energy) where your mouth is’. Once revolutionary Uranus moves into Taurus on May 15 we will move into making our innovative ideas 'real'.  Our self-worth will get a jumpstart, particularly after we let go of attachment to outmoded ways of thinking about the physical and financial world.  Uranus rids us of any attachment (often in shocking 'accidental' ways) that impedes our growth.  Money as taboo?  Let's discuss as mature adults, hopefully leaving our conditioning behind.

The return of Persephone occurs every spring.  We focus on the death of Jesus/Christ. What does it feel like to Ceres (mother) or the heavenly Father (God) when their children return?  Taurus and by extension Venus is pure unadulterated joy. I’d bet the joy is so immense that it makes the vegetation and flowers grow (not to mention rutting animals & humans).