What's Next, Mars Direct?

8.28.2018 master number 29/11/2 asks a question, at which level will you demonstrate your Authentic spirit?  How do you serve without falling into a faux trap of debasing yourself to what you no longer believe?  Eleven strengthens the spiritual Virgo need to truly live with the consciousness of Christ...11, 22, 33 (He died at 33 years old, a master number of absolute love and service).

Eleven (11) as the first master number is the messenger from spirit as it the .'wayshower., the role model, the fully enlightened human.  This human as the 11th sign of Aquarius demonstrates pours out their water onto those who are thirsty for universal and humanitarian truths.  Elevens are often misunderstood by their contemporaries and scapegoated as such...

Eleven is a number connected to the goddess Iris and her flower angels have been known to make their messages known through the user of the number 11.

Whether you’re seeing 11:11 or not, know that your 11th sign is your gatekeeper to your higher and best self you can be.  Count two over from you...Libra is the 11th sign from Sagittarius, Capricorn to Pisces and Gemini speaks truth to Leo. Your 11th sign is like your angelic wingman or messenger who tells you how to intersect your personal truth to universal ones, you know, when you need some objectivity (and get the spinach from between your teeth).

How does this affect you?

Fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius lead from spirit, timeless and energetic.  Each seeks to build a recognizable identity in the world.

Aries your guardian angel, Mars, has just begun to move again. You feel as if you've been released from a prison of your own making. maybe an illness has held you back, a habit or an inherited thought pattern..Please know that freedom is around the corner: freedom of thought and action....a freed spirit is a confident spirit that blazes now trails!  Aquarius is your 11.

Leo, second in the identify triangle of fire/spirit signs, you're examining your usefulness, - when and to whom be of service. From the bedroom to the boardroom, the kitchen to the she shed, your loyalty (and control issues) attracts responsibility. Give freely or don't give at all. Humility is not a bad word.  Show, rather than tell, that you care. There's enough room in your heart for everyone, even those who have been on your last reserve nerve (you know that nerve left for children and partners). you may begin to exhale at the next new moon on September 9...Gemini chirps in as your 11.

Sagittarius, restless in search of new adventures yet this summer chas found you nostalgic and riddled with doubt. So what?! you have an unlimited and expansive spirit that's ready for a change. If you can resist the temptation to let your past be defermative, release it, forgive, you'll find late summer to be invigorating.  you've got what it takes to succeed If you stay the course and don't allow temporary distractions to interfere with the newly found sense of discipline. Libra is your balancing truth teller as your 11.


Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn ground us in the third dimension, making spirit matter.

Taurus mastery of a spirit that has a thirst for more… you've been working on how to bring Your Aspirations into focus so they can manifest, after all as a fixed sustaining earth sign, you must show your work, we must see it. Show your most progressive and reforming self to the world. we need to understand You thoughtful, bright and charming harming you can be, you are allowed to show off your gifts too, particularly after the loud inner critical voice bringing you down. How many times have you seen 11:11 as a higher message if hope for you, your family and the world?  Pisces reminds you of the world of soul as your 11.

Virgo service oriented and quick to split apart what no longer works for you and others, this Mars direct has your focused self becoming even more so, if that’s even possible. Choose one aspect of your physical health and concentrate on how to self-improve.  Experiment, but do not go overboard with the latest trends or try to do too much too quickly. Give yourself until the beginning of fall to get your groove on point. A new wardrobe awaits, and certainly a new mindset of how you perceive yourself. Master the small things and the rest of your life follows. Cancer softens your pragmatic logic as your 11.

Capricorn can be seen climbing the mountaintop one step at a time.  This summer the longview may have eluded you, but like your earthy sibling Virgo, you have an ability to rebound from disease and confusion, be they of the spirit or mind.  Limitations are usually self-imposed, as if you have to earn love from others. You do not. Let Mars direct place the final touches of a self-improvement program begun this past spring, and above all, compassion begins at home.  You’ll begin to see the fruits of your discipline by early to mid fall. Your 11 is none other that emotionally direct Scorpio.

Air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius create new forms of relationships through recognizing where humanity has to continue to develop.

Gemini, know that you’ve found your higher love, you have to let us in on your secret.  It is that you are blessed with an adaptable mind or you’re learning how to take in contradictory to study it and change your worldview.  Mars moving forward helps you become more psychologically astute, not taking your instincts for granted. You are ready to have multiple adventures, the timing was off this past birthday, but you get to go back and have a second chance, just be humble.  Ask your 11 (Aries) for a strategy reap the benefits of work begun, but not finished three to four months ago.

Libra you are aware that you can be as sensitive as any Cancer or Scorpio, no?  Yours is a mental receptivity, a desire to hear another’s perspective. You not only hear, but you take it to heart.  You have been learning how to leave certain family traditions behind. You are ready to step out on stage and get on with co starring in your own life.  By your birthday your partners need reflect different aspects of your personal strengths. Your co-star? You name them...your 11 (Leo) is as good a place to start as any.  After all, the Sun (Leo connected) is a star!

Aquarius we have quite entered your age, but you can sense the signs.  Any time people gather for a peaceful and healing of divisions cause, there be the stirring of your age.  As The Waterbearer, you pour out your gifts to all of us thirsty souls. You have unfinished business of which you are still judging yourself for.  Release it by mid fall or you’ll be carrying itwell into 2019. Ask your 11 (Sagittarius) for a well timed adventure that marks a new beginning of self-discovery (they’ll probably suggest travel).

Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces carry our souls, usually full of love while learning how to give just the correct amounts.

Cancer without love you find it difficult to live in the world.  More than any of the other signs, your memory of early childhood, the feelings of love given freely matters most.  This past couple of months has be challenging in that you may have been trying to get from an adult what you did not receive in childhood.  Make a list of your best character traits and affirm what you have to offer, not what you lack. Then hang with your 11 (Taurus) so that they can add to it.  You deserve more love and light in your life!

Scorpio hard to read, but then you like it that way, keep the uninitiated and superficial away from you.  Allowing those who have done some work of introspection into your inner circle is what this summer has been about.  No worries, if some new acquaintances do not make the cut. This fall is tailored made for people from your past to return, bearing gifts of a new soul.  Your energy levels will return by the Virgo New Moon on September 9 (your 11 is discerning Virgo). Simply remember no picking others apart unless you intend to put them back together again (that’s a message for your 11 too.)

Pisces oh, pobrecita (poor one) you love to feel that initial mix of recognition of pity and strength.  Might as well be December, 1955 when the Montgomery Bus Boycott began. Actually, your soul channels history of December 20, 1956 when the boycott ended.  You are on the brink of a personal celebration. Time for you to be acknowledged for all the inner work you’ve done while holding down each of those proverbial forts (family, love, career and self-development).  Make sure your 11 (Capricorn) create a tradition of celebration when you face and overcome fears to show your brightest and best self!


Astrological Notes


Mars leaves his shadow (begins to cover new ground) on October 13.  Until then imagine which lessons of self-assertion, sexual projections, anger, rage and individuation within this patriarchal system that you’ve been learning.  What or who has pissed you off? Where can you give no fucks and still participate in changing your community?

With Mars spending March 17 through November 15 in Saturn ruled Capricorn and Aquarius, we have had a crash course in responsible get down and get along.  Those you see going up those ambition ladders, you’ll see on the way down, in direct proportion to how you’ve been treating others. Your deeds, while mostly unseen over the past two, will be seen.  

Venus, as a compliment of Mars, is now moving closer to the Earth to go retrograde on October 5, 2018 at 11 degrees of Scorpio.  Peace or war? What’s inside your soul will be reflected outwardly in closest partnerships. To begin and/or continue this self-love and inclusive and transparent giving now will make the Venus turnabout easier.