Birth of a Nation...? Part Three

Let’s explore the Democratic National Debate...tonight is part one.

Slow waning third quarter Moon in Aries.  This is a fighting mood. It will take a specialist skill.  The candidates’ passion has to hit their mark. Third Quarter Moons look to solving a collective problem.  Big picture folk need only apply. Those who can inspire us to take risks, strengthen our resolve and wear red well win tonight.  Probably will start like we’re walking through mud, lots of past stuff being thrown around (boring). 9.23pm dark turn, even prophetic, particularly about money in politics, SCOTUS and wealth inequities.  9.50p to the end all hell breaks loose! Economic theories abound! The revolutionaries take center stage (or hopefully the passionate reformers). The last 30 minutes will be where the major ‘shocking’ quotes and quips emerge.

In terms of cosmic ancestral ties (3rd Quarter Moon tribe) Elizabeth Warren, Mayors DeBlasio  and Buttegieg (even though he’s on stage tomorrow we’re still in the same lunar cycle), they have an energetic edge.  Tomorrow the mood shifts to practical Taurus (Warren’s Moon, so no doubt she will set a pioneering standard tonight that others will have to respond to then).

Passions exhibited, these are demonstrated through the Venus Star.  There are five Aries Stars on stage tonight: Booker, Warren, Gabbard, De Blasio and Ryan, these individuals have the best energies to enliven us through their personal stories of victory, particularly over trying situations based on being the ‘only’ fill in the blank somewhere.  Honorable mention goes to the Aries Sun candidates (Gabbard, Delaney). Gabbard has major fire in her chart, so her very presence challenges the centrist Democratic leadership. If she can show the joyous side of the fight, watch out! Inslee has a Scorpio Star which his Aries Moon will need if he becomes too emotional and loses focus (or becomes too focused on his one issue of the environment).  O’Rourke is a solar Libran, this is low time of the month. He’ll have to choose his words very carefully, simply knowing when he’s said enough.  

With a shadowy Mercury, Klobochar can shine when she demonstrates her capacity for transforming aspects of our country.

Whoever is best at communicating how to deal with voter complacency, two party rigidity (beholding to big monied interests)  and fundamental American dishonesty about our origins wins. Inslee and Castro are dark horses because of his singular environmental stance and the latter’s focus upon reparations for African Americans.  Booker, though, may run a close second to Warren if he can get his very earthy self fired up in a way that doesn’t seem contrived. He has a Virgo Moon which can signal exacting moralism and the repression of a librarian.  Remember the Moon represents the emotional impression left on others.  

The planetary waves favor Warren, Booker, Gabbard, DeBlasio, Klobuchar, Castro, Inslee, Delaney, Ryan, O’Rourke (in this order).  Astrology is a circle, so linear binary winning/losing is ill advised (that’s my lawyer disclaimer).

My intention is to lend a unique and higher perspective using this astrological art/science.