Cancer Solar Eclipse July 2, 2019

Dragons eating tails and swallowing the Sun, illnesses foretold on the king and any other fear that could be exploited, that’s what our ancestors felt about Solar Eclipses.  Like the Catholic Church that gave its masses in Latin, astrology was not for the masses, but the ruling classes. A lot of our lore was developed while we thought the Sun went around the Earth.  From the earth’s perch a Full Moon is as large as the Sun. Yin and yang, equal in their influences, perhaps? No.

The Moon (past) blocks out the Sun’s light.  Our tribal, instinctive and unconsciousness maneuvers our present, ego consciousness that sets its sight upon our future.  A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon with attitude. The less thrilled you are about your past, family and self-reflection the more jarring a Solar Eclipse can be.  Memories, dreams and a nagging discontent about what your life could be. In the watery emotive Cancer, no less, it is rumored this sign carries the beginning our lives, in our mother’s womb.

It’s shadow will be seen by those in South Pacific Islands, Chile and Argentina.  2.17p CDT for Kansas City on Tuesday July 2. There will be strategic Pallas Athene rising in Libra, offering us unexpected mediation in our partnerships and families.  Access which philosophies are holding you back from receiving love. Venus will be finishing her trek through adaptable and curious Gemini giving us the opportunity to ‘air out’ difficulties with unity, not division, being our underlying motivation.

The strength of the Cancer softness and connection to our Source of love and shared humanity is balanced by Saturn and South Node (past) in Capricorn.  No matter how much you may feel, Saturn reminds us all of our responsibility to the rules, physical limitations, time and the law. From April to October, with the Lord of Karma sharing space with the South Node, you can begin to believe your most cynical personalities have begun to bleed through into your waking reality.  There an inherent ‘Murphy’s Law’, ‘life’s a bitch, and then you die’, well, even a ‘living while black’ focus when Saturn is the len in which you see your life. In alchemy, Saturn represents lead, the nigredo, the blackening. We own our Saturn through refusing to blame others for our misfortune or 'fate's. We look at our shadow, that split off and often projected part of our being.  When he’s on the release point (South Node), there is a built in resilience, but where’s the effing joy?

Joy comes through noticing all the little ways life can make you feel good.  A child’s laugh, a hummingbird at its feeder, a good meal or a full body hug, Cancer reminds us of the simple acts of loving kindness.  We access our joy through being grateful for what we have.Jupiter is in his home sign of Sagittarius. He is not pulling up the weight the past and forcing you into a dour confessional to some judgemental force.  Jupiter asks that you continue to access your third eye. Use your pineal gland for visionary purposes. Dare to live in the ‘could be’s’ and ‘you never know’s’. Mantras, visualizations, breath work and plain ol’ optimism are excellent antidotes to Saturn’s rampant negativity (often masked by ‘realism’.) 

Elevating our spirits is warrior Mars in Leo until August 18.  One major rule during this time is to turn your will (intention behind action) over to the group (partner, family, work or community).  The baseline for each action is ‘labor of love’ or ‘whistling while you work’. Did you hear the one about the fact six out of seven dwarves are not happy, that they don't whistle while working? However, Mars in Leo at its best exhibits such joy of living that its charisma is palpable.  Imagine a warrior who uses their spirits to entertain, coach and demonstrate how power can be used to enlighten, not repress or tear down.

Look to your birth date.  The closer to being a multiple of 45 days away from July 2, the more likely you will find this eclipse activating your past in your life.  It’s about consciousness, becoming aware of your biases and actions that precede from said biases. January 2, October 2 and April 2 (give or take a few days on either side).  August 16, November 16, May 16 and February 16 work on this same growth challenging cycle. 

Accessing the planets of faith and higher consciousness (Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces) allows us to see and to create a more inclusive future for everyone to enjoy.