Huzzah! Feminine Energies: Full Moon and Friday 13th!

Every Friday is associated to Freya, Norse Goddess of Love.  In our world, Venus also known for her loving ways commands attention on Friday.  The next time a Full Moon will occur on Friday the 13th will be on August 2049. There are 13 new or full Moons in one solar year.  Lunar energies are reflective. Full Moons illuminate these musings. This polarity of Sun (masculine) and Moon (feminine) is in the signs of Virgo (the Virgin) and Pisces (the fish).  One of the ways early Christians marked where their meetings were being held was by fish symbolism. ‘I’ll make you fishermen of men’, the Christ reported said. 

It’s been said that the early Christians suppressed any pagan roots.  Judas allegedly was the 13th member to arrive at the Last Supper (Jesus and 12 apostles).  One of the reasons Jehovah’s Witnesses do not celebrate holidays is because of their pagan origins.  These fears of the number 13 persist to this day.

However, I salute almost anything that gets the masses to look skyward and inward.  Remember this info was readily available to the aristocracy. Even the masses were held in Latin.  Today we have the privilege to have this info at the click of a button.

Tomorrow’s micromoon (it is at its apogee, so it’ll look smaller) will be at the 22 degree of Pisces.  Nearly 100 years ago a psychic named Ms. Wheeler gave an image for each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac called the ‘Sabian Symbols’.  This degree she saw ‘A Prophet Bringing Down The New Law From The Mountain’. Moses and Mount Sinai immediately springs to mind.  

What are the new laws that you have for your life?  Instead of ‘law’ think ‘ethics’. How do you serve others and why?  How easy is it for you to have compassion for animals but not for those outside of your family?  How do you offer the benefit of the doubt to a stranger, but not to your partner? Where are you storing your treasures, in your 401k or through having quality time with your loved ones?

There are a number of planets in Virgo which means this Full Moon is about balancing our personal standards (and judgements) to our ability to see a bigger picture based upon universal love and compassion.  This is the essence of the Virgo/Pisces axis, the material and spiritual, the acts of service and the giving of love. If you’re feeling depleted and exhausted, pause and reflect upon where your true blessings are in your life, then give thanks for them.  Release any fear of Friday the 13th, instead rest in the gratitude that the Goddess’ energies are increasing on this planet, no matter how it may appear in the physical world. Indeed, Pisces’ Full Moons no matter when they occur require to see with the eyes of faith, that is, expressing absolute love for all beings, beginning with yourself.