Cuban Missile Crisis and Paris Bombing

The New Moon on Wednesday, November 11 activated the Venus Star Point of November 12, 1962 in Scorpio.  Freud (Scorpio rising/approach to life) theorized that we have two urges:  Eros (love/merging) and Thanatos (death).  As an archetype (pattern of energy), Scorpio exemplifies these two drives, in the extreme.

The world was on the brink of destruction a mere month before.  Venus represents all the relationships we choose outside of our bloodlines.  In political realms and world affairs she governs how sovereign nations use diplomats and ambassadors to wage 'soft' or 'cold' war.  

At least 53 years ago there was a sovereign nation with which to negotiate.  This Thanatos boogy man exists in the form of ISIS, but how to fight a caliphate? How does the American imperialism (and way of life) ignite the fires of the radical individuals?  At what point do we examine how we have conducted ourselves as the world's de facto police (Saturn in Libra in tenth house of legislation/status in our 7.4.1776 natal chart)?  What happens when groups of people have nothing left lose?

In law school I took a course entitled Self-Determination in International Law.  At what point does ISIS become recognized as a 'country'?  Can it be so?  Do we alter our rhetoric?  Have we already gone too far as a nation in interfering in Middle Eastern affairs?  

In 1962, collective power Pluto was in Virgo.  In 2015, Pluto is in Capricorn.  Both of these are earth signs.  A basic difference is that Virgo has humility as its guiding light out of cynical darkness.  Capricorn has integrity.  However, Capricorn seeks control and is willing to live an 'end justifies the means' life.  Pluto sees through hypocrisy and calls any and all bluffs.  No institutions are beyond Pluto's transformative mandate.  And, in Capricorn this tiny planet carries a stick that beats all who are out of integrity.  Regenerate power, status and authority or die.  

Besides who'd want to have an erotic coupling with someone whom you have not been open hearted and transparent?  This is true of nations and ideologies.  At some point (and in order for those who have died in Paris, on 9/11/01, in Iraq and elsewhere to not have died in vain), the sovereign nations must begin to see all humans as equals.  This is not to excuse their heinous acts.  Yet, there are lessons that Thanatos has to teach us.

The Cuban Missile Crisis and Scorpio Morning Star at that time was fed by an Evening Star in Aquarius. Earlier that year there were seven planetary teachers in Aquarius, idealistic, lofty and communal.  Today, we are under a Leo Morning Star.  Our diplomatic energies through dignified and royal Leo must be respected.  Ignore Leo at your own risk.  Scorpio Evening Star (behind the scenes power brokering) feeds this current Leo Morning Star (joy and pride of human existence).  When Leo feels or sees that there is no pleasure to be had, it becomes the wounded lion that will take everyone down.  

How do we learn what this battle is all about from the historical implications of Sunni and Shia people to the daily survival challenges of the Syrian refugees and those left behind?  On a much smaller scale, but analogous, it took nine souls to be sacrificed in Charleston early this year to get the South Carolina legislature to take down the Confederate flag on its capitol grounds.  Still some Americans balked at the idea.  Compare nearly 250 years of America's bigoted history and domestic terrorism to centuries...

Once the Sun moves into fiery Sagittarius on November 22, expect the flames of extremism to be fanned even more (yes, that is possible).  Hopefully, benevolent Jupiter in humble Virgo may show us by the next new Moon (December 11) how we can more efficiently share resources and beliefs, so that we may learn to co-exist without more lives having to be sacrificed.


Venus Star Point

Welcome to a new beginning in astrological diagnosis and forecasting. It is called the Venus Star Point (VSP). It is estimated that approximately of US residents know what their Sun sign is. Well, on our next stage of collective evolution is the Venus Star Point. This is an astronomical alignment between the Sun, Earth and Venus. Our information age has been transforming into an intuitive age. No more is it enough to know your sign, Sun and/or Venus. To know your Venus Star Point is to know what moves you, in essence, where do your passions begin? Where is your heart centered desire to become self-actualized? How can you leave the sometimes petulant and petty identifications with your physical world and its needs to allow your soul's desires to fully manifest? How does Eros exist for you? Where does Eros live within you? What do you have to give to others without any fear of depletion? 

In Venus Star Rising, Arielle Guttman states that, "from the mythology, Eros can be thought of as both the parent to and child of Venus. Eros, a principle of erotic desire and a force of nature, preceded Venus as an energy of creation in the void that existed before anything else. This energy corresponds to a deeply moving, creative life force". Please resist the temptation to conflate erotic desire with sex. Boundaries, mental boundaries, please, folk. No really, in all seriousness our adolescent culture uses sex to promote and market goods (even in mythology as we've inherited it Eros becomes Cupid whom we only see on St. Valentine's Day with his bow and arrow. And, while sex can be an outcome of eroticism, the energy known to us as Eros existed before there were genders or sex. The desire to experience oneself through relating to others, some spiritualists state was a singular motivating in why "God" created "man". Contemplate how your VSP can represent your deepest mode of not only how you create your reality, but why .

One of my favorite (and meaningful) distinctions between your natal Venus (where the planet was located in the friendly skies at birth) and your Venus Star Point the Venus-Sun-Earth alignment is elucidated on page 62 in Venus Star Rising, "The natal position of Venus represents the way we reach out to our environment and to other people to connect ourselves to love, beauty, and friendship. The Venus Star Point represents the manner in which we reach inside of ourselves to reflect the love, beauty, and heart-felt self-expression we innately possess and share with others." 

When you begin to live from your Venus Star Point, your soul awakens and becomes the driver of your life here on Earth. It is like the biblical parable of the 'prodigal son'. He returns to his father after having been a traveler to experience the world. The father as Source symbolizes your VSP. Sometimes through being slavishly attached to the promises of our natal Venus, we like the son who stayed with his Father became angry, upset that the world does not give us as much as we deserve. It is only when we return to our true origins that we can celebrate (through integration of the two sons, alluding to the dual nature of Venus as Morning and Evening Star) and live in true prosperity found in our Venus Star Point. 

 This photo was taken within the same week that I went to Arielle's Venus Star Point Workshop in Kansas City. My hands focus energies like the 5 pointed star found through our heart's desire of the Venus Star Point.  Knowing your creative helping hands and stabilizing feet of the Venus Star can many times be your saving grace in maintain healthy relationships. Let love move us to our higher trek of connection. 

This photo was taken within the same week that I went to Arielle's Venus Star Point Workshop in Kansas City. My hands focus energies like the 5 pointed star found through our heart's desire of the Venus Star Point. Knowing your creative helping hands and stabilizing feet of the Venus Star can many times be your saving grace in maintain healthy relationships. Let love move us to our higher trek of connection. 

Realize that each face of Venus has a corresponding shadow (potential suppression/repression). In the parable, the son that went out into the world squandered his resources, but he had experiences. Money was not the motivating force, until he was starving (shadow of an Evening Star, who are more likely to believe they can live on love). The brother who stayed to work with his father, was more realistic but did not see the value in partying with his returning sibling (shadow of a Morning Star, who are more likely to dismiss those who do not share the same values). Both sons are necessary for understanding, not only the dual nature of Venus, but in understanding the Venus Star Point. Each Star has five points. If you are an Evening Star, you assist and are assisting Morning Star, while your support and who supports you are Evening Stars like you. Do you deny or reject help because others feel and/or think differently about what's truly important in life? No. The converse is true if you are a Morning Star, your help and whom you help are of the otherworldly Evening Star Venus, while your support and whom you feel karmically destined to support and fellow Morning Star Venus. The Venus Star Point resonates to how relationships last not only on the surface, but how they endure beyond third dimensional time and space.

After all, the drama is being living on Earth. With increased scientific discoveries (read: better telescopes), we know about the numerous Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNO's) from Eris to Sedna and beyond. At some point (pun not intended), we have to come back to Earth, down to the ground. The Venus Star Point does precisely this. Paradoxically, it is an enjoyable tether and it releases us into a myriad of joyous relationships. Once you know what drives you, you can give freely of your spirit. And, an added benefit is that the VSP combines astrology, astronomy, sacred geometry, mythology and five elemental system of Chinese medicine. She be an integrating Goddess. Venus did sleep with gods and mortals alike. 

Venus Star Point is a registered trademark of & Arielle Guttman