An Introduction to Tropical Astrology

No doubt you've been subjected to NASA changes the astrological signs.  I've received a number of inquires from social media and emails about which Sun sign you are.  Mira (look), I'm for almost anything that gets you asking questions, looking inside, realizing that almost every answer exists within your soul (historical reference point of your multidimensional existences) and spirit (oh, damn, I am a complete vision of authentic action in each moment).  Pause. Sigh. Accept paradox of your own spiritual development.

The Astrological language that I have studied for more than 30 years is Tropical, based upon the seasons.  Seasons on Earth, that balancing of light (yang/masculine) and dark (yin/feminine), it is the relationship that matters, truly, madly, deeply.  Ask any T'ai Chi symbol, there's a little bit of peanut butter in the chocolate, a bit of yang in the yin and yin in the yang.  After all, nature as it presents through the constellations would not (could not?) have divided herself with a bit of himself within her into neat packages of 30 degrees, 12 signs and 360 degrees of a circle...

Watch this video, as a love letter to every soul who longs to be a free, love and be the best YOU (this is a way, not the way, OK?)