numbers, Cards, Stars & More (a service to make more precise decisions based upon vision & Practicality)

Numbers, Cards, Stars & More will consist of an introductory written and audio service that will include Collective/General Overview (how each of the three arts affects us all).

Numbers first…what is your power date and birth path numbers? Do you know your soul’s essence number?

Cards second…what are the traditional Tarot card associations with each number?

Stars third…how will the eclipses of 2019 affect you and others? What does having Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in their ruling signs mean for each of us? How does your passions and talents manifest during a warrior Morning Star Scorpio phase?

And More fourth…depends on the amount of growth that’s happening in your respective systems…

Numerology (January is a 13/4 month for everyone) It is a year of submission. 2019 equals 12. The 12th secret is The Hanged Man. This service will explore how this energy effects you (particularly if you are a water sign, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces). Personal questions will be answered via email or Google Drive through an audio function. Expect Numbers, Cards, Stars & More (NCSM) to develop into a multiple tier service over these next few months.

Tarot cards are Death and Emperor.

Five eclipses. Several Super Moons. Passion Star (aka Venus Star Point) shifts signs in August.

Mercury retrograding in receptive water signs three times this year.

You may begin with a Collective Overview (may change the names).

Cost increases depending upon the menu of info you want.

January 17th event will go highlight what to expect this year through Numerology, Tarot and Astrology.