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Belief is not 


"Awaring is the practice we do to experience wholeness within our egos and souls." 
- Quan Tracy Cherry with Our Raw Material

What is Belief

20+ years since I entered the world of astrology through Numerology; leaving behind the rational world. Over those years i have joined many on their quest following themselves into the heavens. My experience has lead to my professional insight being sought out by many.  Even without belief we all play a role in our story.

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Saturn in Aquarius & Uranus in Taurus 1st Square 2 17 21

Saturn in Aquarius & Uranus in Taurus 1st Square 2 17 21

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N.G. from KC MO

Thank you for your time and talent today.  That one session gave me more clarity than 10 sessions with my therapist.
You have a gift!

See you again.

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S.T. from KC MO

I have been consulting with Quan for 15 years and highly recommend him.  Whether you are wanting to focus on one or more questions or receive a more generalized reading, Quan can tailor a reading to address your concerns.

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J.R. from KC MO 

The session was so much more informative than I expected. And fun! You are amazing!!!

I have really enjoyed listening to the cd. You have a great voice! 

I look forward to scheduling another session soon!

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