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Personal Coaching
& Group Sessions

  • Relationship / Family Sessions

  • Personalized 1 on 1 coaching

  • Girls Night Out (4 to 8 individuals)

  • Case by Case Bookings

 Inquire and pay required deposit 

Coaching is comprised of at least 3 live in office and/or zoom sessions. I will directly engage with charts and give you tools and reports to help your path alone and with others.

Through guided meditation, my own research in your astrological chart, tarot. We can access larger reasons behind reoccurring challenges within your life and relationships through Past Life Exploration.

Couple Sessions, engage with your partner dancing within the star. Discover new and insightful character behaver with your partner. 

Personal Coaching/Employee Team Building Packages, Minimal 3-60 minute sessions. Connect with the people we work with on a new level. Contact Quan through site.

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