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11.11.2020: Which Signs Bring Your Spiritual Messages?

The first master number in Numerology is 11. Lucky when rolling dice. If you’ve ever been with an Aquarian, they can play the field like gambling. The ‘Spiritual Messenger’, ‘Way Shower’, ‘Individualist’ are some of 11’s names. In essence, 11 is a bridge of the otherworldly/extraterrestrial and the real world, la terra firma.

 When an awakened human being sees an entire self or Self, this number is involved. Two parts of one whole enlightened being. ‘Whenever two (11/2) or more are gathered’, says one illuminated being, The Christ. Why can the ‘two’ exist within each of us? When our egos call to our souls, is that not two ‘separate’ beings? Whatever your beliefs or not, everyone can have the consciousness of love, acceptance and coexistence aka Christ. A fact is, we must grow beyond our kindergarten understanding of spirituality and ‘scientific materialism’. Beyond means to integrate the two (2/11), reverse engineering works for some folx. There are millions who have to separate from unity until they self-destruct.

Astrology as a gateway to looking higher and applying these ‘self-evident’ truths lower (daily life).

Our astrological maps guide a way to understanding 11:11.

Simply look 60 days before you were born. That sign will be 11 signs away from you.

Sun or Rising Sign11:11 SignAriesAquariusTaurusPiscesGeminiAriesCancerTaurusLeoGeminiVirgoCancerLibraLeoScorpioVirgoSagittariusLibraCapricornScorpioAquariusSagittariusPiscesCapricorn

Invisible Entourage (IE) are made up of your angels, guides, mentors, ancestors, animal spirits.

The sign that is your 11:11 can demonstrate how these beings get your attention. It takes amazing courage to physically incarnate. On the physical plane, accidents can happen. Some older souls who have less attachment (or know how much work it can take to maintain a body) act as guides. They can sometimes get us to finish some of their work for them. If you have themes in your ancestral line, you can be the physical one to complete their tasks too.

Aquarius: I may move your paragraph to the beginning of this blog. You are the center of this phenomenon. Your communication is often misunderstood as it is often ahead of its time. For example, I use the phrase ‘transrational’ instead of irrational. You know what’s rational. Your 11:11 Sagittarius guide can sometimes have you move your body, car or belonging right before something happens. Or you get a text or email from someone you were worried about. Sagittarius helps you stay in good spirits as you receive more otherworldly communications. You can get us to see how 11:11 is a helpful wave of our shared future as human beings. Like worries, we can leave fears behind. You see, when you’re confident in the strength of your ‘outsider’, ‘weird’ or ‘quirky’ status, you relax. By self-acceptance and receptivity to your IE, you demonstrate and offer the room for others to explore. Adventurous exploration of our shared inner realities will help humanity a whole save us and itself, instead of looking outside (institutions, religions, people, etc.).

Pisces: Realistic to cynical Capricorn keeps you on the physical plane. You are overjoyed that society is having these ‘recognitions’. You live with this awareness. Like your changeable watery self, sometimes you notice 11:11 or 555 all the time. You can go for a dry spell where your world seems less magical. That’s when Capricorn reminds you that the invisible world of spirit and physical world are not separate dimensions. It’s in our ego’s perspective that makes it so. When you take the time to make those healthy escapes your Invisible Entourage will show up truly madly and deeply, because guess what, they never went away.

Aries: As initiating fire, you realize you can act without thinking or considering the consequences of your speech beyond the present moment. Aquarius, a sign that rarely stops thinking, can make you aware of the impact your actions or speech may have on your community, family or coworkers. While neither of you is particularly diplomatic, your independence of thought through 11:11 observation is often valued. Loyalty to truth can be felt by others who also take the time to recognize 11:11.

Taurus: As concentrated earth, you can be resistant to any idea that is not apart of your well-constructed value system. What you don’t want to do, you simply don’t do (or you move so slowly that we do it for you. Your guardian angel 11:11 offers grace through the adaptable feeling sign of Pisces. By allowing your ego to move through multiple dimensions, your imagination grows and you soften in all the right ways. You bring heaven to earth which is one of your sweetest spots.

Gemini: Yes, you are learning to live for change. As your Spiritual Messenger sign, Aries offers you the courage to act on what you’ve been thinking about, to merge your faith (increased belief in yourself through aligning with a higher purpose) with concrete steps. You’ll keep talking, texting and writing about your new found guidance and we see how you’ve transformed. From head to heart and back again, Aries 11:11 burns away procrastination brought about patterns of doubt. Wherever Aries is, there’s no lack of energetic drive to starting over again. You do not pause on any failures, except to learn how to not repeat them.

Cancer: Watery Moon child, the steadiness that a Taurus 11:11 gives to you helps settle your self-image. Your ancestral guidance supports your sign in ways that are wondrous. If you don’t feel your IE, you either haven’t made the effort or you’ve believed the hype from those who are invested in your staying the same. Those ‘coincidences’ occur to create realities you’ve barely allowed yourself to imagine. Buck up, buckaroo, you have reserves of shrewd insights. Let Taurus’ body awareness lead you to a home of safety and joy.

Leo: You may present a mask that displays confidence. When Gemini is your wayshower, you can have contradictory messages. If you try to decipher through your analytical mind, you may miss the point. It’s like thinking what if I had looked at the clock at 11.12 instead of 11.11 then I can ignore the message. Remember ‘all symbols matter’. You need to ask yourself, ‘why are you resistant to seeing simple spiritual connections? Gemini as a guide tells you to keep an open mind. Let your heart follow. Trust the timing of your ‘connection of the dots’ too.

Virgo: You’ll need the gut-brain sensory input of a Cancer 11:11 Messenger. You’re the epitome of ‘paralysis by analysis’. When your IE is made up of soulful, empathetic water signs, you just know. You trust. I suggest hanging out with the Cancers and Scorpios to observe how they manage with spiritual occurrences. When there are Mercury slow downs (6 times a year), your Invisible helpers can work overtime to keep you on path.

Libra: As the only starting air sign, you can seek to influence others through your developed observational and analytical skills. Leo as your 11:11 brings your love down from your brain into your heart. You give freely without waiting for or expecting an exchange. Your charm radiates a confidence that the physical and spiritual worlds are indeed one world. 11:11 simply shares this belief through consciously recognized knowledge. Show how your helpers work for you, we will notice. You don’t have to explain every time.

Scorpio: No matter what I write for your sign, it seems to usually get complicated. You are that bridge between the world of third-eye faith and realistic appraisal of human nature. You have ‘separating wheat from chaff’ Virgo among your leading guardians of 11:11 Spiritual Messages. ‘To serve or not to serve?’ No, that is not the precise question (Virgo adores precision). ‘When to serve or not to serve?’ Hell, you may even deny these messages as nothing by wishful thinking or an overactive imagination. This is precisely (that word again) why Virgo guides you. You stay grounded in your scholarly research on which dot is worth connecting to a larger whole or not.

Sagittarius: As the 11th sign to Aquarius, you have a desire to behave as a prophetic messenger too. With Libra being the 11:11 angel for you, you must know if you use your vision to be seen as special or let yourself be used to develop more unity in all of your circles. Libra in your entourage can give you messages that please others from an egocentric perspective. Remember your psychic gifts increase in direct proportion to your kindness in their delivery. Libra can sit on your shoulders offering grace, radiance and love to all you meet.

Capricorn: You are the only initiating earth sign. You want to begin all with a rock solid foundation. No matter your chronological age, you think in the long term. Your Invisible Entourage has Scorpio as its leading member. When you seek mastery, Scorpio gives you an awareness of what motivates others. Shame on others should they try to ‘get over on you’. Your animal spirits can be just as active as your angels. That’s why you’re formidable. However, like Sagittarius, your gifts increase in how you express them to us. You are often ready (and expect) sacrifice. Some of us need more 11:11 ‘coincidences’.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Find out whether you were born as an Evening, Morning and possibly an Invisible Venus Star. Know your spirit animals. Venus Star Verse. There are so many enlightening tools on your Evolutionary Path. Spirit conspires to keep you on your way to experiencing wholeness. Your soul records where you have made vows to grow beyond what your ego (and others) have considered to be failures. Through extremes you learn to keep casting stones to yourself. That’s a basic nature of 11, you’ve got an ego to spare…and it’s looking right back at you. When you allow your soul to lead, you repel those whose ego will do you lasting harm. If those others are not about inclusive growth, model, pivot and exit. After all, Vetran’s Day marked a peace treaty from what at the time was supposed to be the first and last Great War.

As we leave the delusional Age of Pisces with its religious metaphor steeped in sado-masochistic nonsense, the Age of Aquarius demands knowledge, coexistence and loyalty to truth. Intercessors to God, be damned or at least ignored. Have heart and God becomes Goddess aligned, save the Earth, clean the air, distribute symbols of knowledge and pause before touching anyone or any nation. Obtain consent.

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