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When you focus solely upon your self-interests, your loving energy contracts.? Usually, fear is the culprit. We begin 2020 with an expansive Evening Star in heart centered Leo.? Our collective spirits are concentrating on love. That is love iin all its myriad of forms and kinds, passionate, erotic, familiar or brotherly. Love lights a road around fear. Constriction of energy and leading to bringing up past worries or inciting future anxieties. Worry steeps itself in our imagining that the past is prologue. Our wounds have scar tissue when worry is involved. Anxiety takes up to see possible future realities. Both of these mental activities take us out of the present moment. We lose the power to access love.

Our hearts represent how we feel and express love. Through its concentrated spirit, the sign of Leo and its solar rulership, love reigns supreme. On August 14, 2019 the Sun, Venus and Earth aligned in the sign of Leo. This alignment is known as the Venus Star Point. Our illuminated joy and how it manifests on Earth lights a way to show our passions. How we connect with these deep energies can indicate how quickly and profoundly we evolve.

Usually evolution occurs more rapidly in relationship to others. No matter how good your intentions are, it is important to realize that when your personal beliefs are mistakenly conflated with universal beliefs, they will not hold up to the scrutiny of time. In many respects Leo Evening Star will shine light on which beliefs are built upon love (and inclusiveness) or fear (and exclusiveness).? Venus in her ideal and magnetic phase (Evening) will draw those to reflect how much love you?re sharing and receiving in contrast to those you are repelling.

The Venus Star Verse for an Evening Star Leo and Earth Pig is #9 Restrained (The Taming Power of the Small) states: we are being blocked by a small yet permanent influence. Externally nothing can be done. If you want to save yourself from how you are viewed because if this block (probably from microaggressions), look inwardly and do the evolutionary work downloaded from your higher self. Instant gratification ain’t it.

That Capricorn Stellium (at the Lunar Eclipse on January 10)? is within 150 degrees to our current Evening Star in Leo (life mates). We are all called to adjust our entitlement to what is necessary for our communal and planetary survival. Our first community is our family of origin. Begin the inner work there?

What physical characteristics seem to hold you from a fuller expression of your soul?

As we end these two years in the Earth element tied to being a helpful person, we can easily feel anxiety. Rational thinking, learning something new (wood element) can strengthen weak Earth as well as taking in nature aka ecotherapy.

Suggestions for soulful contemplation:

What’s love got to do with it? What does the (your) world need now?

What are your favorite love songs?? How do you envision a better more loving world?? Do you daily focus upon the love given and/or appreciate the love received?? Do you focus on what?s lacking? How can music as universal language aid you is sensing and giving more love?


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