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28 Year Vocation Anniversary for Belief Is Not Required

I worked my last 'job' on January 3, 1996. It was only the fifth or sixth time I had been fired. (I worked for my father during my undergrad stint in Financial Accounting. Anyone who's worked in family business can understand how many times you get 'fired', yes?)

Has it been easy? The lawyer part of me equivocates and says 'yes & no'. My soul says Hella Effing Yeah! I've been contemplating Chuang Tzu's words 'Easy is right'--since 2020. And, let's follow the path of no resistance, yes?

Out of Time & Space Astrology--column in the PitchWeekly morphed into Belief Is Not Required to upcoming podcasts this year!

I thank all of my supporters (some are called followers and subscribers)!

Happy 2024! A transitional year of interchanging energy & matter--recognizing how intentions create reality! Let me be clear--my parents thought I was crazy to get a license to practice law but not do it?!

I'd say it's generational. But if I followed the voices of fear from family & the collective I would've been an unhappy legal beagle camper 😆.

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