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April Fool's Day--Use Your Personal Power Wisely

Fourth month in a five year equals nine---a power humanitarian number. In Feng Shui Numbers nine represents Mars and humanitarian aid, reputation and fame. Whatever, right? Well, no. When in the inner world of understanding the outer world---all symbols and coincidences matter and so does getting by (and high) with a little help. Aries season asks that you offer---please do not wait out a false humility or fear of rejection, ok?

The power is yours, imagine you're Dorothy nearing the end of your journey. Curiosity lead to knowledge and experience brought you wisdom. Act now. Reflect later. Do not do anything to anyone you don't want done to you---that's experience. Only innocents can really follow the golden rule to the letter, huh?

Aries: The number nine brings you power. 3x9-=27=2+7=9. This happens with all the multiple of nines. Yes, your me-me-me days (which I support as long as you reflective on those other days I don't name). You may think of yourself first on the 10th, 11th and 12th. You may think of yourself after you've acted in someone's best interest first, 25th and 26th. Mars pours water on your fire beginning April 23 when he settles down in Cancer. Where, what or who is home, huh? Animal totem is the turtle after April 19. Before that you're swimming with dolphins---oh, the joy!

Taurus: You look at the astrological month before your birthday as---what fresh hell is this? It's called looking at the big picture which is a part of your life. Trees and forest, trees and forest. You have both lenses at your disposal. You simply have to (well, choose to) want to see beyond yourself and your values. 13th and 14th these are your days to magnetize what (or whom) you want. April 27, any selfish actions can haunt you for months---although if you consciously sacrifice something, you are paying forward your karma.

Gemini: Now that the Venus Star (Personal Passions) has migrated from Gemini to Aries, a trail of tears has begun to end. It's not a lawyer's letter demanding 'cease and desist'. The happy treasure you seek on this quest is a transparent sharing of your 'weirdest' thoughts. Allow these last days of warrior Mars (a king of all masculine toxicity) in Gemini (April 23) to keep you living up to your highest ideals. In this manner, you can create projects of more wealth (whatever that means for you and yours) to sustain you once Mars moves into Cancer. Days to look forward to are 15, 16, 17. Give to others first on 1, 2, 28, 29, 30. You're cleaning up some karma.

Cancer: Because of an Invisible Venus, you could feel far removed from familiar circumstances. Aries season doesn't help either. Want to merge with your surroundings, however, not everyone is accustomed to your particular brand of emotional intimacy. It could seem controlling, at the best, well meaning. Use your best days (18, 19) to convince us differently. April (3, 4) require your asking if we want you're offering, first. This one will make the difference between acceptance and rejection. To say 'don't take it personally' is folly. When love is present, you take everything personally, stay in your feelings as you continue your momentum towards grounding your ambitions.

Leo: Here's lookin' at you, kid. Or should I say 'kiddo'. You were either a demanding child who spoke truth (all the time) or a little adult with little time for play. Either? Both? Neither? Whatever your story from back in the day, shake it up. Do opposite day. Create an alter ego. It is important that this April be a mixture of 'why not?' and 'what's the worst that could happened, if...?'. Being a bit scared means you're out of your comfort zone. Following someone else's lead can help you relax your usual controls. Best way to create miracles is to believe that they still exist. Like the Sun, let your inner fool shine brightly in April and especially on (5, 6, 7, 20 & 21).

Virgo: I've described you as an excellent character actor who can expertly express a dozen or so dialects. You can be that way when your exquisite love is reciprocated by an available (enough) for you individual. When you accept and follow your own values (sorta like coming out to yourself), you take risks, unapologetic and unmediated in the moment. When you continue to tend to wounds---which keeps you in the rearview mirror of your own life. By Taurus (April 19) your belief in yourself expands as it does on April 22, 23, 24. Examine your doubts, yet do not drown in them especially on April 8 and 9.

Libra: 'oh bearer of scales, where art thou be?' Probably back in the middle ages or missing Renaissance Fairs and large social events of all kinds. Spring's beginning requires choices made without too much deliberation. Allow your life to speed up in its developments, what you cannot do anymore, imagine you'll do again, however, with more zest, verve and honesty. Your days to bask in the Sun are April 25 and 26. Caution is advised on the 10, 11 and 12. Remember you are learning balance---give easily, but know when you're feeding egocentric ideas about yourself. Your soul knows.

Scorpio: if you didn't learn to appreciate moderation from your next door neighbor sign of Libra, you can too easily get lost in your own emotional depths. Not. Good. Get to work. A good book says, 'he that is faithful in the little things is faithful in the big things'. Coming through for others is a reflection on yourself. You'll be challenged to do so on April 13 and 14, while we'll come through for you (no matter how intensely you protest and/or resist) on April 26 and 27. Humility, sweet one. Let us see that you can trust and forgive. Forgetting is another story that we need to discuss privately, ok?

Sagittarius: as the 'let's get it started in here' fire sign of late fall, Aries season gets you hot and bothered. You're accustomed to carrying heat, what annoys you are folx who have no curiosity which means they usually are ill-humored and self-absorbed. You believe that if you're self-absorbed, you had better be bright AF. You examine how to exhibit moderate behavior from Libra (who you remain friends with, even after breaking their seemingly fragile hearts). You pick up your nuanced sexiness from Father/Mother confessor sign of Scorpio. Now, you bring how all you can eat. Be sure to not stuff yourself on April 15, 16 and 17. The buffet is waiting on April 1, 2, 28, 29 & 30.

Capricorn: your animal totems are the bottom feeder (and mercenary) alligator, integrating emotional/practical sea-goat and spiritually focused unicorn. Once your spiritual sight is turned on (and your fanatical period has lessened), you are a force to be reckoned with. Forgive the preposition at the sentence's end---and, as such allow your mountain goat to continue to grow their dolphin's tale. Aries season rewards frolicking (certainly under the mantra 'work hard, play hard'. Work days that pay off are April 3 & 4. Play days that may unravel you (in the best way imaginable) are the 18 & 19.

Aquarius: stubborn minded person who questions all authority. Your arms may be too short to box with God, but you have to wrestling skills to place the alleged almighty in a submissive hold, ya know? The problem can be when you feel you ain't been loved like you should, you do the same to the nearest and dearest---pleasant to the public, cold and withdrawn at home. Aries seeks to unify your body and soul. Best days for an inspirational 'come to Jesus' meeting are April 5, 6 & 7. Keep your wrestling to a minimum (unless challenged) on the 20 & 21. DM if you need to know more.

Pisces: Your fish never leave the water. You swim in the confusion of your own feelings. Once you allow yourself to feel all the 'feels' without judgement, your vision clears and deepens. Aries season expands our sense of community and purpose, especially for you. Hopefully you learned very early on how to self-soothe. Your soul guides you. However, you must stop in the name of love especially on the 22, 23 & 24. Our skies shift into a yin/receptive mode, so if you want to be Stella getting her groove back on an island holiday, try for the long weekend of the eighth through 11th.

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