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Astrolit--An Illuminating Blend of Astrology and Tarot

Learn the fascinating blend of Astrology's 12 signs aka big energies/stories & Tarot's 40 minor arcana!

Astrolit reignites the art, myth and symbolism in an entirely innovative way.

Quan will reveal his reading methods of charts and cards.

Six courses--every other Wednesday offering 10 hours of instruction. Ending on Wednesday May 18 (the first and last class will be 2 hours).

Astrolit is accessible to practioners, beginners and anyone who has an interest in wholeness!

Three ways to pay---all six courses pay before 3.1.22 for $420.

$450 for all six courses until 3.9.22 (or two installments of $230 by 4.2.22)

Individual sessions at $95/each

Physical space is limited, so Individual sessions my be filled but, Zoom will be available too.

Let's get fired up about realizing more consciousness and love for those around us!

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