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Astrolit: An Illuminating Blend of Astrology & Tarot

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Feel like you know enough Astrology to be dangerous? Still doubt whether you 'should' read for anyone else? When do you know enough to 'sing for your supper'? When do you know you're ready to be a professional at it? Barter? Money? Other services? How do you value this art, language and craft?

The Earth part of me says go for what 'the market' will bear. Definitely have an exchange. It's been said 'cash is king'. However, tangible the assets being exchanged---we have all 12 signs within us---therefore, know your audience, feel them through your water element. Stay flexible about what your costs are. Sliding scale is one way to go as well as giving a bit extra. I have lived by the motto 'give a bit more to those who give to others'. It's a caretaker thang. So, my favorite yoga teachers, chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists get a bit more from me. Often times, those who give to others do not receive well. Astrological language is an excellent way to sneak in the goodies of stargazing---be that be the upcoming full moon or Solar Eclipse.

How does power use you? How do you use it? What motivates you towards success? Do you use power in the service of love or gain? How have you allowed your relationships to become transactional?
Let me know in the comment section or reach out if you want a personal Astrolit report from yours truly...

Astrolit blends Astrology and Tarot Cards. The images of Tarot can easily bypass our overly analytical left hemispheres. I was told in the first semester of law school that the 'Law is a jealous mistress'. Well, Astrology is at best a possessive 'side piece' or he can be anger husband with whom you walk on eggshells. In any case, the potential to become obsessed with every thing in your life having astrological significance is for real. Your ego batters the soul with one detail after another...enter in the soothing waters of the Tarot Cards. Even the most potentially negative images (Nine/Ten of Swords & The Tower come to mind) there's a interrelated quality to a Tarot spread that Astrology can be too harsh or short sighted to recognize. Imagine what you say and feel about a Pluto or Saturn transit? What if instead of Pluto dismantling all institutions (he's been in Capricorn since 2008, name an institution that hasn't been transformed, go ahead, I can wait, Saturn's favorite activity) you pulled up the Four of Pentacles instead?


Let's start with Pluto and move back into our solar system, ok?

See Pluto at 26.39 Capricorn (Four of Pentacles) so what does the Lord of Underworld, Creator of Shadows and Destroyer of Dominant Ego and the Four of Pentacles have to teach us?

Traditional name of this card is 'Power'. Capricorn is an initiating (yang) earth (yin) sign. 'I am that I use'. Pluto transforms on subatomic levels. He is protective of egos that recognize the interconnectedness of all living beings aka 'coming from soul'. When powered by Our Raw Material,, our souls illuminate our roots and wholeness. Saturn as ruler of Capricorn has an intimate connection to time. Pluto shows how we feel about time and aging---our psychological aspects of our time on Earth. Saturn knows your actual birthdate. Before Pluto's discovery in 1930, Saturn was our 'Lord of Death'. They both are.

Getting to the mountain top 'shades of Capricorn Dr. King Jr.'. Integrity, eldership and mastery. Capricorn has a drive to make an individual impact upon their chosen communities. I deliberately use 'they/them' as Capricorn is a combination of initiating/yang/male and yin/earth---and come on, Saturn was the first cross dresser, I have heard tales! The point is that this sign and its ruler tends to teach us through lack, worse case scenarios and FEAR. Pluto in Capricorn has everyone on this planet confronting their fears (probably starting with death). Your family and educational background is VERY important in the interpretation of this placement.

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