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I can think of no one better suited to heal a fractured nation. ?A large portion of the passion that motivates an Aquarian Star is the ability to influence the masses, to challenge ordinary folk to think differently, to shift paradigms. ?It helps his ?double agent? status that he has white skin and male privileges, but married and gay. These entitlements give him an opening to heard. Those who are against him aid in the large central middle to speak up or be lumped in with those who choose to berate or belittle based upon an Old Testament. ?There is no ?agreeing to disagree?. To say this in relation to Mayor Pete and other marginalized individuals is like saying there are ?very fine people on both sides? where Heather Hayer was run over by a car in Charlottesville.

Peter Paul Buttegieg has captured the imagination (and/or ire, depending on where you are on the political spectrum) of Americans. ?Cisgendered, gay, married and Episcopalian, his unapologetic presentation of these traits makes his comment about ?you have a problem with my creator? all the more real. ?Born two days before the Morning Star in Aquarius in 1982, you?d think with his Sun in Capricorn, he?d be all about status, patriarchal values and fitting in. That?s where Venus slides her beautiful self into the mix.

Mayor Pete, as he is affectionately and respectfully called (like I call my chiropractors Dr. insert first name), has Venus in retrograde. ?The insulation and corresponding individualization of a retrograde Venus gives him the ability to keep his own counsel. It is as if he (and other retrograde Venus folk) can operate from a bigger love. ?The Aquarius Venus retrograde can possess extraordinary perception usually based upon higher ideals and unconditional love aka agape. They are gifted with the ability to see the character, intent and potential futures of all with whom they come into contact. ?He is the embodiment of the Christ?s words at his sacrifice: ?Forgive them,Father, they know not what they do?. That?s the angelic messenger in the human body aka Aquarius.

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