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Birthright is Shining Responsably

Today the radiant Sun aligns with grounding Saturn in liberating Aquarius. Know this that the Star Child that goes through its second childhood aka Aquarius is only as free thinking as their minds allow them to be--huh?

Saturn skews towards being cautious and when threatened fear inducing. Our Sun shines as the center of its own system---offering us the metaphor that we are the center of our own universe.

Saturn and Aquarius remind us of our individual connection to the whole that we are the keepers of our brothers and sisters. An Aquarian Saturn lives on the intersection of freedom and responsibility streets. The Sun is the traffic light. Is the light green, yellow or red? It is important to resist the temptation to demonize Saturn. He makes sure you eat your vegetables. He is that English teacher that gave you a lesser grade because he knows how quickly (and easily) you completed the assignment. He delays gratification, but does not deny--especially when you've put in the work--Saturn's favorite four letter word.

Today's hack for continued confidence is sourced in believing in your own vision. Step by step, even if they're baby steps, is advised. Aquarius is gifted with seeing the future, but must also know our history. Saturn will make sure of that. Time and focused struggle on higher (and shared) principles make Saturn and Aquarius shine.

Take heart--any obstacles you are experiencing show up to get you to reevaluate your intentions. We are moving into a world where how we serve outweighs what we earn. Trust your intuitive gifts and well reasoned ability to live freely, yet responsibly to you, family, mates, community and planet.

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