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Christmas Eve: La Buena Noche 2023

If you can this evening, make me a space in your dreams, because I want to be with you---

We all have a Christmas story (or the beginning of winter tale)...a majestic story like a mountain. matter what religion we practice (or not), we share the karma (intensity) of America with its capitalism and consumerism. It’s unimportant how or if you celebrate. However, it’s those narratives we continually repeat inside ourselves that matter the most. What you say verbally matters, but it’s our inner talk that manifests through what we attract. This return or renewal of light can set the creative tone for the upcoming year (New Year’s and beyond). Out of your stories, intentions are born.

A couple of months ago, the spirit of a close friend of mine basically awakened me early on a Sunday morning. As my Scorpio energy (which is naturally resistant) recoiled about having to go out on a Sunday, a secondary intuitive voice whispered, ‘but there is someone else you will meet’. My more mediating self was intrigued. First of all, this close friend has aided me in understanding the different directions of our individual and collective karmic work together. She has had a married and  personal love in her life for almost two thirds of her life. Their long term relationship has inspired me. 

While she has vocalized how difficult it's been to establish friendships outside of her primary relationship---my path has been precisely opposite, yet complementary. I’ve had friends from every walk of life, but the primary relationship (long term over seven years has eluded me.). I remain single (although I could only get married since SCOTUS deemed it legal in 2015). Every time I’ve had this personal love, betrayal has been woven in like a winter shawl--(like that differs for anyone else’s story, right?)  So on this night, I choose to intend and focus upon the following:

Where there’s light, there’s love. Where there’s love, there’s trust. To trust  in a story that differs from the past…

Today is Christmas Eve. In Spanish, today is called ‘La Buena Noche’ or ‘The Good Night’. No matter what your relationship is to Christmas, it is important that we all recognize the return of the light. For all of us, religious or not, Christian or not, I’d like to associate light to love and consciousness. La Buena Noche as the good night automatically implies the good day. 

Christmas, and its Eve, predates the birth of Jesus. It is a universal (pagan, BTW) story of the good night aligned to light’s return in our Northern Hemisphere. 

As the Internet makes information and history available at our fingertips, it does matter how we integrate our knowledge of our differences into the wisdom of our unity. After all, day follows night. Attaining clarity comes through a silent acceptance of darkness and its association to separateness. Again, no matter how we believe (and on this website belief is not required, lol pun definitely intended), there are some metaphors that underscore the intentions behind my creative expression of La Buena Noche:

  1. All is metaphor when viewed from the perspective of spirit or soul.

  2. La Buena Noche/Christmas Eve represents the return of the light (longer days).

  3. Light is spirit (present moment) and soul (historical connections/story/culture building).

  4. Large Symbols of Planetary Corruption and Decay (George Floyd, January 6th Insurrection, Ukraine, Hamas to overturning Roe v Wade, by no means exhaustive).

  5. Have sincere intentions.

  6. Exercise cautious expression at the outset of personally correcting Planetary Corruption and Decay (be that a holiday dinner, work or ‘Living While (fill in oppression blank).

  7. Act decisively.

  8. Possess aka own patience, gentleness and tact (I Ching Verses, 5, 57 and 20/43, respectively).

  9. Assertive expression of what’s corrupt while recognizing what’s worked in the past.

  10. Trust in the Cosmic Harmony and Justice through acknowledging---when there’s corruption, correction follows.

  11. As you transform your life from within, the whole of life also transforms (micro to macro).

  12. Spend regular time (ideally, daily) in understanding your own goals and intentions.

  13. Recognize and appreciate all ‘random occurrences’. See these as synchronicities (how our spirit inspires us moment to moment and our souls show up the large picture of our lives.

Until January 13, 2024, Mercury will be in the expansive spirit (light) sign of Sagittarius. We have an awe-inspiring time to review what our true intentions are for our inclusive lives. When stressed and focused on mostly ourselves, we narrow our vision to creating the wounding narratives of our pasts. My earlier example inspired me to break out of my normal Sunday routine. I met someone whose life has appeared to align with my values and ideals (Our Raw Material/Week 7). 

As previously stated, it has been easy for me to fall into believing that ‘past is prologue’. In other words, I can see the past wounds and pitfalls. If I allow my ego to rule my life, then I would focus on the similarities of this newly acquainted individual to other friends in my life. Henceforth, my dark narrative has been ‘everyone’s friend’, no one’s mate’. Through allowing ‘La Buena Noche’ to manifest clarity of looking at our past stories (bringing light), we all can be ‘reborn’ in light. It sounds simple as I write this, but the inner work of self correction of my own inner corruption (based upon lack) has been ongoing---intensely for the past six years.

There’s a Full Moon in Cancer on December 26, 2023. Use the comment section to talk about your own dark stories---give your birthday and I’ll ask spirit to illuminate ways you can bring the light, love light and spotlight too!

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