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Communication Flowing Again---Mercury Direct in Capricorn 18 Jan 23

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

As I await the ‘wintry mix’ in Kansas City, I muse on the last several weeks of Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. Capricorn stands for the elders, OG’s and wise folx who talk about ‘legacy’, ‘integrity’ and ‘intergenerational wealth’. These people can be of any age from our children speaking wisdom to those who stay in a state of worry or anxiety. That mother who creates out of necessity run Capricorn energy through their egos. Mercury, though, is closer to the child who perpetually asks ‘why?’ This impish planet makes sure we analyze, separate and categorize, particularly from the left hemisphere where our masculine energy is worshiped and elevated above our right hemisphere of visionary and holistic thinking reside. Fortunately, all retrogrades (no matter which planet makes us pay attention to our holistic/right hemispheres of our brains) help us shift our thinking.

Pisces teaches us to: 'Fight the power of reliving unexamined beliefs from your family, ok? Only prison that exists is in your mind'. This upcoming Water Rabbit year will offer many opportunities to leave outmoded beliefs (and those who still practice them) behind.

If we’ve learned anything at the tail end of this Chinese Water Tiger year, knowledge can only get you so far. With our radiant consciousness (Sun) aligning with psychologically driven (Pluto) in Capricorn as Mercury isn’t moving in our friendly skies, we have much work to do. It’s inner work. It’s not the childish ‘trust no one’ or the exceptional cynicism based upon past wounds, it is the conscious transformation of returning to innocence. Allow yourself to be surprised, please. Mercury, in myth, could go into the underworld without worry--much like our thoughts at some point in time must investigate and eventually embrace our shadows (found in Pluto’s underworld).In less than five days Mercury’s higher octave planet, Uranus, goes direct. You think your quick thinking is focused upon now---just wait until this New Moon/Chinese New Year this weekend!

Aiding this trek toward wholeness is Mars moving slowly in Gemini (a Mercury controlled sign). Our warrior wants us to break down barriers in our inner world of separation and disunity to locate & live from a quantum interconnectedness.

What if there is no one outside of us? What if all judgements are self-judgements? What if we are our own judge, jury and benefactor?

Cynics piss on these questions. Cynics emit a garlic strewn acid with their inability to pause enough to breath and contemplate. Skeptics will entertain what’s comfortable, if only to assuage their growing doubts. Let the mutual reception of Uranus in Taurus and Venus in Aquarius awaken you to an instantaneous merging of your personal and transpersonal values. Allow your truths to be impacted by the whole---’acting locally while thinking globally’, yes?

Current energies are seducing us to integrate the eternal child of Gemini with the older wise elder of Capricorn. Make room for both. ‘Trust, but verify’ which I feel is based upon ‘Pray to Allah, but tie up your camel’. These statements recognize the drama of your inner wounded child who lost their ability to trust. Where would you have learned to trust? Your parents? We were sent to school to learn how to verify s*&t to death, with our smartphones and overattachment to answers being in our hands? Today’s merging of Sun/Pluto will bring the darkness of where you feel you have little to no control. However, Capricorn is a sign of responsible use of resources.

One of these resources is the ability to patiently access your wisdom from within, not without. Can you make decisions that will stand the test of time? How about seeing yourself as a classic other than an overnight IG sensation?---Our Raw Material Week 10 Resources


The Two Retrogrades of Mars & Mercury and the 12 signs

The cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn have had the most challenging time over the past six weeks of Mercury challenging their thought processes and communication styles.

Aries, you may have been forced to check out what drives your need for fame and fortune. Reputation and the number of followers may not ever be the same thing. You can easily get into a quantity kind of living, comparing yourself and your accomplishments with others. This Mercury and Mars retrograde has aided you in growing up, becoming more flexible, grousing less. It is not enough to ‘blow up’ and then ask for us to forget it. Self-control is not synonymous with repression.

Cancer, it will aid you to see the reality testing of Capricorn as a resource, not a hindrance. Imagine these past months have been similar to your English teacher who gave you a lower grade because they knew you could do better. Sure, you’ve got lots of unfinished business with your masculine side of living. Set those boundaries. Say ‘no’. Take your time in returning all forms of communications…ain’t nothing wrong with leaving some folx on ‘read’. Let Mercury in Cap give you a sense of what’s possible later this winter---make like your favorite turtle and move at your own pace, ok?

Libra, you may read Cancer’s message first. Unless your mother was a bundle of borderline bullshit, you are a pleaser. You mediate everyone. You create triangles where there are none. Capricorn denies your charm for depth. And, a deepening has been occurring. No snap judgements allowed. Best to live from a place of ethics and principles, because we are looking at your actions and if/when they are in unison with what you say. No matter how sweet your present yourself, some can sense you have darker motives. Find those wounds within, know yourself first and then we may begin to listen to your advice more.

Capricorn, it is not your responsibility to save everyone. Oxygen mask rule: place yours on first, then on others. If you’ve had any health challenges, look at your daily routines, work, exercise and eating. Yes, food is medicine. A trick is to be moderate with the supplements too. Locate your authority within yourself. Yes, doctors, rabbis, counselors and supervisors carry a position that supports their judgements (usually). However, it’s that small still voice within that needs your loyalty. Like exercise builds a stronger physical body, listening to that voice builds a stronger connection to your psychic awareness.

The fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius have had a mixed bag with Mars and Mercury retrograde. It depends on whether they are childlike fixed with the ‘what have you done for me lately?’ focus or ‘use me’ adult bent. If childlike, then Mercury has had his way. If more ‘cougar’ or ‘zaddy’, then Mars has been attempting to lighten up and let go.

Taurus, you have the best ability to bring more money or resources toward you through making more of an effort to give. You can count the cost of everything too much. You can expect your closest others to do for you, instead of you’re finding out how to help. If you’re measuring the cost of your ‘gift’, then is it a ‘gift’? Or is it goods in exchange for a favor to be named later? Mercury in Capricorn is like having a Catholic Cardinal on one shoulder and prostitute on the other. Who has the heart of gold? How can you look beyond someone’s appearance? How do you sense the content of every being you meet? Your inner ethicist has been awake since last Labor Day and will be guiding you until spring.

Leo, if you haven’t volunteered for some cause of taken on a family member who needs help, then get to it. Use your vital energies to help those in need. Be a Good Samaritan without any need to broadcast being one, ok? No, I’m not suggesting your rewards are in heaven or an after life. Your rewards come from your open and trusting heart. Your radiance inspires the rest of us. Allow Mars in Gemini (your friendship/squad sign) to bring new people in your life in which you can travel, hang out and shine in your full glory. Preventive health measures are advised (chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc.)

Scorpio, you have the best bet at being a better communicator now that your grounding planetary ruler (Mars) has begun to move. Hopefully, you’ve learned lessons of confronting death, be that actual life ending or relationships transforming. It is important that you allow your mind to wander down pathways where you begin with the intention;;;’the past is not prologue’. Your wounds are destined to repeat themselves. Allow this Mercury in Capricorn to foster a dry British sense of humor like dry water in the desert. Your oasis exists within your soul. Drop the ‘lone wolf’ or ‘good person’ role and your life becomes more fertile and filled with joy in each passing moment.

Aquarius, yes, you are usually the smart person in the room. But, this comes from a fast and observing intellect. But, for those of us who desire deeper and more inclusive wisdom, you can seem calculated and insincere. Mars in Gemini gives you more choices in love and joy, but Mercury in Capricorn asks that you slow down to recognize what you have in abundance already. Any past ghosts you’ve created in your overly active mind. There’s a positive light emanating from expansive Jupiter in your sibling sign of Aries. Trust your intentions behind all your communications---and then let go of control of any and all outcomes.

The adaptable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces have probably had the most challenging time staying consistent with their actions. I would apologize but it is not my fault, I am simply your cosmic messenger.

Gemini, you have had a toddler like Mars in your sign since late last summer. You still have another two months of this rabble rouser inciting you. Untamed passion differs from enacted violence. So what if you appear calculated to the rest of us (read Aquarius), you know your intentions, right? If it’s more love that you want, then choose to soften up in order to receive it. You will lose very little, increasing your vulnerability. Guarding you is the helper Capricorn. This past Mercury retrograde has taken you into an underworld where you now realize the battle is, and always has been, within yourself. You are no longer allowing your inner wounded child to guide your actions. Yes, you can still hear that child’s voice, but now from a wisdom from deep within the soul.

Virgo, your standards can be adjusted to fit your current reality. In your twisted mind, you equate adjusting with lowering. Wouldn’t dream of suggesting you EVER lower yourself for anything or anyone. Mercury spending 10 weeks in Capricorn is recommending you alter your definition of fun, play and showing up. Be like a child and take your playtime very seriously, ok? When was the last time you lost track of time in some pleasurable activity or two? If you cannot remember, then let pioneering Mars get you to enumerate what fun is to you. You can begin with simply watching more comedies or comedians. If you have not lightened your routines by the winter’s end---why not?

Sagittarius, you are usually ‘happy go lucky’. Yet, these past several months you have had one crisis after another. ‘Crisis’ has its etymological roots in ‘to decide’. Not deciding is a decision. You’ve been withdrawing your energies in the hope that others will decide for you. How’s that been working out for you? It may appear you’re winning at this passive-aggressive-passive game, but you’ve lost the respect of some folx who used to be your behind the scenes supporters. What you’ve presented as humor is really whining based upon a lack of appreciation of what you have. Check your desires at your ego’s door. Let your passions be honestly expressed. Risk temporary disharmony to create a deeper harmony. No silent treatments are advised.

Pisces, you need to write a ‘wish list’, place it upon an altar or in a special private place. Walk away from it with full faith and trust that you have an invisible entourage that is conspiring to give you exactly what you want. These past several weeks you’ve been well versed in what you don’t want. Stop talking about it. Your past wounds are in the past. You are not a Sagittarius (all full of fire and enthusiasm). You are a magnetic water sign---attract the situations and relationships you desire…then treat said desires like hotel guests---some are a short stay and some get suites and stay longer. Important to not judge any desire, especially when it is rooted in religious thought or practice. Fight the power of reliving unexamined beliefs from your family, ok? Only prison that exists is in your mind.

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