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Full Moon in Leo 1.25.24 ♌️

Updated: Jan 25

These last five days--our Full Moons. The day of (obvi) plus two days before and two days after. Leo is all about personal attention and effort. Aquarius is more low key about mentioning their individual efforts being recognized, but you'd better bet a Jason Kelce or two that the Water Bearer notices who notices them.

  1. No pettiness allowed. Groundbreaking & psychologically astute Pluto is leading this Sun in Aquarius and the Full Moon holds court with this lord of death. Therefore petty=ego=manipulations and they will backfire on you like Dave Chappelle at a non-binary cookout.

  2. Uranus in Taurus is teaching us all to keep a lighter touch on what we own. Imagine a world where all was provided and your work was your vocation? Right out of Star Trek, eh? Taurus, ideally, has a mixture of Buddhism, Communism without a binary political system. Uranus gets to the root of the problem--it's rampant greed that our allegedly free market supports, right? Gemini Bob Dylan was right 60 years ago--'times are a-changing'.

  3. Jupiter in Taurus ♉️ won't leave your stock market earnings in a lurch (although he goes into freedom seeking Gemini around May 24). Pay something valuable forward now and you can breathe easily in direct proportion to how you give easily. Ol' Jove is challenging our Sun in Aquarius 'all for one & one for all' AND he's looking side-eyed at Moon in Leo. That's like walking with a cane for MR. GENEROSITY--#4

  4. Scorpio is the cane in this Full Moon story. The manager/diplomat thy name is Scorpio ♏️. PLUTO rules this sign--so we're back to a transparent sharing of resources.

  5. With Mercury (communication/thought) riding shotgun with warrior Mars in Capricorn ♑️ it's best to be quiet and have everyone think you're smarter and more mature than when you speak and remove all doubt. Dumbbess is a BIG bug-a-boo in Aquarius season. (There's one school of thought that with Pluto in Aquarius for the next 20 years & being poised on the cusp of Aquarius ♒️ it's a long ass season, yep)

  6. Honesty and ethics rule--allow Venus in Capricorn ♑️ to slow your commitment process down, make it more methodical. Sure no PDA, but there are many glowing embers inside the Goddess of Love when she occupies Cappy! Button up, so you can be buttoned down--with consent signed in triplicate--all done in private, for sure! Delayed pleasure can be prolonged pleasure, yes?

  7. Lies will haunt you like the 'Lost Cause' story of why the South fought and lost the Civil War. Delusional Neptune is having his Civil War return. He is where he was in the 1860's. Except strip you bare Pluto (remember lord of all ego death) hadn't been discovered until 65 years later. Silence is not only golden, but protective. Let these two energy of utopian ideals and butt hurt honesty (Neptune and Pluto, respectively) guide you in an unapologetic loyalty to your inner truth!

  8. Chiron and North Node in Aries strongly suggest healing your closest relationships by any ethical means necessary. Grab a sheet a paper. Make three columns. Place--I, You and We at the top of each column. Begin with any activity you haven't done. Continue until your inner guidance instructs you to stop.

  9. Remember Leo knows the heart as well as the heart of hearts--so when you feel a bit slow returning a communication (being left on read) ask yourself is it your large brain overthinking or your heart waiting to say what it truly, madly & deeply feels?

  10. No pandering to any audience!

Happy Full 🌝 🌕 🌚 Mooning!

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