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Full Moon Musings--Magic Is Totally Real

As we build up to the Cancer Full Moon, response-ability is central to maintaining equilibrium between our private and public lives. To react may make you feel good in the moment, yet dickish Mars seeks moderate behavior in Sagittarius. Greed is not only unattractive, it can be self-destructive.

Allowing your mind to free itself from shame, blame and their incestuous kissing cousin of guilt is mandated. Perceptive Mercury is slowing down to turn retrograde not only into in freedom seeking Aquarius but in a challenging aspect to Uranus in stability driven Taurus. Imagine this next week is like playing poker--do you hold 'em or fold 'em? Those birds in the bush (and twerking asses) may tempt, but a Mercury saddling up to drama-ridden Earth states its best to lock down the bird in the hand.

Why not increase your transparency regarding your fantasies and desires to your closest others? Realize that expansive Jupiter paves the way towards miraculous happenings in no boundaries Pisces. Along with Nebulous Neptune and Strategic Athena in All Possibilities Are Possible Pisces, your worst case scenario mind stops you from believing in what you cannot see. Remember your childlike innocence. Let this power use you to move into dimensions where what you visualize becomes real. Red pill or blue pill? Even seen a thought, a feeling or the wind? Leave your worries behind ala Heatwave of the Seventies. These feelings keep you imprisoned in past realities that you think are destined to repeat themselves. They. Are. Not.

Let Lovely Venus return a lost love or experiences of value. Her retrograde cycle ends on January 29. Redemption matters to the Goddess of Joy and Harmony! That bird in your hand is singing the notes of gratitude which, as you know, is a major foundation for exhibiting joy! When your ground is solid, you can leave your victimizing thoughts in the rear view mirror. Let Mercury and Uranus (who turns direct on January 18) ease you down the road to individual expression beginning with your true self to include others devoted to kindness, love and peace to everyone on this planet.

Magic is totally real ✨️!!!

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Allason Lewis
Allason Lewis
Jan 21, 2022

Loving this ❤️ great post


You are just what I needed,thank you.


Anna Koehler
Anna Koehler
Jan 14, 2022

Precisely put. Magic makes the day always a perfect way for me.

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