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Gemini--How To Nourish Your Inner Sibling

As the first human sign on the ‘circle of animals’ aka the zodiac, Gemini occupies a unique position in most spiritual systems. The Twins immediately bring up all sibling relationships. It’s those imaginary stories that our siblings tell about us that continue to trigger us well into adulthood. When you think about it, the sibling relationship is where true power dynamics brought about through negotiation is birthed. Sometimes you argue against each other, against other siblings, parents and those you see everyday because of where you live or go to school. Outsiders may say the same things you know to be true about a sibling, but they don’t have a right to say it.

Even if, especially if, you are an only child, it is important to pay more than usual attention to those inner voices which I can call your ‘inner sibling’. Hell, if you have an ‘inner child’ or ‘inner parent’, you can have an inner sibling, right?. In keeping with the theme of music for the ORM Fall 2023 (and James Ingram as my muse) ‘Whatever We Imagine’ is the guiding tune.

‘Don’t be afraid/I can meet you halfway//We can’t always know/where the road ends up’

As an air (mental/intellectual) sign Gemini introduces us to our minds. It is through these usually overdeveloped brains that we begin to imagine all types of experiences. An adaptable energy, Gemini wants to simultaneously fit in and stand out. It is the consummate story teller and reporter. Yep, snitches get stitches is a Gemini cautionary tale---and so is Humpty Dumpty. But it is the imaginative siblings, your shadow or doppleganger however you see it, what truly becomes important is to recognize the magic of your mind and the words that spew (oops, I meant, spill) from it. Our sibling relationship begin our trek into higher realms with our angelic wings or do we fall from grace as a devil…only our minds can judge, right?

Well, no. The mutable duality of Gemini and our minds must have a soul or a receptive quality to the field of oneness, our unifying feminine self. Out of this surrendering to our soul’s voice, we come to realize how true power uses us. Yes, this power creates the Wholeness that’s the whole thrust of a spiritual system of Our Raw Material. It’s through our ‘Ideal Playground’. An Ideal Playground’ is where we give free rein to see and express ‘whatever we imagine’.

But with some luck/I know we can go/Wherever we Imagine/Why should we wait?/Later on maybe too late.

Luck is a manifestation of allow our souls to guide us. Our souls, not our minds or egos, show us through coincidences aka synchronicities. The following signs essentially help illustrate your tendencies to recognize and surrender to the field of Wholeness that is always there and present whether you acknowledge it or not. Simple way of knowing is to count 60 days, two months or astrological seasons, and voila! You have your inner sibling signs offering you aid, succor and healing of an overtaxed and stressed mind. Illuminating Gemini (and the other two air signs of Libra & Aquarius, there’s a threesome that’s created---a triad of active, receptive and neutral energies. These signs lead you into your heart’s expression and Wholeness--whenever, wherever and whatever you imagine

When you see there’s half a chance that we might really become/Whatever we imagine

Gemini/Aries/Leo---’I think’ looks back to ‘I am’ and looks forward to ‘I will’ in order to know how to moderately express their thoughts with passion and heart. You see, without an intuitive heart Gemini’s expression becomes fanatical and quite judgy. Looking to Leo gives Gemini more than enough dignity and pride of self love that recognizes their audience without pandering to them. Gemini is the original ‘spin doctor’. Their agile minds thrive on spontaneously bantering and debating any and all points, from large picture ethical ones to petty details like a lawyer or reporter. When the Twins settle down and confront their dis-ease of over analysis from a mental perspective (usually through some kind of breathing or meditative technique), their wisdom is self-evident like the truths from the Declaration of Independence. The exception? Their independence is simple---all truths are internal and based upon experience, not blind faith be that in science or religion. Truth based upon a heart integrate with the wisdom of our souls relationship to our innate birthright of Wholeness.

Cancer/Taurus/Virgo---’I feel’ connects to ‘I have’ and works to surrender to ‘I analyze’. Cancer’s analysis doesn’t provide a paralysis as in the Virgo personality, but underscores a need to be practical. You’re one shrewd cookie, honey, candy baby. There’s a sweetness that the thought of eating bring a softness to your energies. Security of soul and body, unity and separateness. Yes, you are under the blues tune entitled ‘God Bless The Child’. Your imagination is clear how it’s the magic innate. When you feel an inner balance of yang/masculine and yin/feminine you walk in harmonic atmospheres. There’s a musical, poet and actor within. You realize through your analytical assessments how to know when to give (offer counsel) and when to wait to be asked (for your perspective). It takes a markedly dishonest person for you to not give everyone the benefit of the doubt (at least once). However, you live the fool me once shame on you truth. An embodiment of empathy it takes your earthy siblings of Taurus and Virgo to imagine the boundaries based upon everyone’s individual effort.

Leo/Gemini/Libra---’I will’ gets inspired by ‘I think’ and pay it forward through ‘I balance’. You are learning to bring your individual spirit and effort to all of your commitments. Loyalty to those closest to you and their friends too. You epitomize grace when others are pleasant and other-directed. When selfish or rude, you pick yourself up and only offer your talents when asked for them. The more you live, that everything is ok and there are patterns that become more self-evident in direct proportion to getting out of your way. No ego allowed without rooting in the voice of your soul. Hell, this can even begin with investigating what ‘soul music’ means to you. Before you allow your large brain to get involved---name three songs that represent your vision of soul music. You can even ask others for help. When you imagine you ‘what would Libra do?’, you depersonalize and criticism is seen through the eyes of the person offering it. 

Virgo/Cancer/Scorpio---’I analyze’ joins with ‘I feel’ and it tops off like a good beverage with ‘I desire/create’. Yours is a complex sibling grouping. You are a Mercury ruled sign like Gemini. You’re also the second human sign coming in as the ‘judge lest not be judged’ The Virgin/Whore. Yep, no matter what bio sex or gender, you run the spectrum of mentally understanding the nature of desire. You and Scorpio share almost the same symbol. Your tail of analysis turns back in on itself, while Scorpio’s protrudes outwardly. Unless you commensurate with your Cancerian sibling, you can too easily internalize shame and allow humiliation to come your way. Cancer’s energies remind you that what goes on in privacy between two grown ass people (or more) is their business. Scorpio alerts you to ‘god bless the child who’s got their own’. Ok? Now, go activate some personal physical pleasures and contemplate what was just told to you, yes? Leave ‘but’ out of your thought processes after you’ve agreed to something or someone. Maddening when you give those who love you the ‘yes, buts’.

Libra/Leo/Sagittarius---your triangle of siblings merges “I balance’ to ‘I will’ with ‘I see’. Oh, the possibilities. With proper weighting of judge-ment of your needs and reputation.(caring less about what others think about you), you can blaze new trails of healthy relationships. Toxicity increased in direct proportion to allowing yourself to be rushed to act. Realize that passivity is not the same as indifference. When secure, you can be comfortable with ambiguity. A kind of ‘I won’t do that and I won’t do that either’. You wait. You give time its due. Saying ‘next’ to another relationship when you’re unrecovered from a past relationship can keep you locked into wilful patterns (thanks to your Leo sibling energy). Or you only see the positive potentials of the newly acquainted (that’s the Sagittarius part of your triad). You can easily live out the maxim--’marry in haste, repent in leisure’. You can replace ‘marry’ with ‘engage in a threesome’, lol.

Scorpio/Virgo/Capricorn--’I desire/create’ merges with ‘I analyze’ to manifest from ‘I use/utilize’. After Libra, the sibling triads can get increasingly complicated. For example, you have ‘I desire’ and ‘I create’. Desire symbolizes a lack of feeling your own completeness, you seek something or someone outside yourself. An ‘urge to merge’, huh? To create typically hovers around those of you who’ve been wounded, gone into the underworld, as it were. You take responsibility (Capricorn sibling) for co-creation of your reality. You re-member your Virgo’s caution (and repression of desire to perceive what another has to offer you first). As you heed Capricorn’s elder sibling lessons you leave the using side of the sign behind. You elevate into a reciprocal utilization aka ‘win-win’ situation. Depression leaves. You fly above the pettiness often found in transactional relationships to soar into the skies populated by higher ideals. Simply acknowledge both of your siblings are earth signs, keep it precisely pragmatic, having ‘safe words’ for the uninitiated.  

Sagittarius/Libra/Aquarius your bounce between living as free spirit and a victim. These states exist within your minds. The maxim that ‘energy follows thought’ is most true for your sibling group. When in survival mode your Sag energy sees only the negative which feeds your future projections fixated upon in Aquarius. ‘I see’ feeds ‘I know’. And--everything in your world reflects a ‘know it all’ or ‘no one can tell you nothing’. What began as a healthy skepticism in balancing Libra becomes a full cynical assault. You are learning to elevate your spirit in aspirational pursuits. It is your choice about how you want to live. It begins with beliefs. To create a personal miracle, you must continue to ‘suspend disbelief’ in them. Libran energies help you stay aware of how to create an equilibrium between your ‘ideal’ and ‘real’ realities. Sagittarius, as you integrate your animal/real/human side with your ideal/spiritual/multidimension side. Huzzah!

Capricorn/Scorpio/Pisces your siblings nourish themselves on overcoming fear. Not through ‘blind faith’ but what you’ve physically experienced. You do not deny or overlook. You confront, embrace and purify your shadow.  Your shadow prepares itself through Pisces’ keyphrase ‘I believe’. Your reputation is extremely important to you. Where do you place your treasures? Where do you walk with God? Strip or deemphasize organized religion and politics. Where do you live the Way or Tao? Through bringing light to your triggers ala Scorpio, you settle into integrating your beastly desires without judgement or piety. The more you follow the outer world and its trappings of success (money, status, transactional relationships, etc.) the more your paranoia and dominance keeps you locked in a pleasure/pain cycle. Cynical resignation is a central theme of your life. When you allow a utopian Pisces theme, you soften and live from your healed inner child. Cognitive dissociation between the ‘real’ world and your inner world ends.

Aquarius/Sagittarius/Aries focus your mind and spirit on knowing what to act upon and what not to. Boredom can be your nemesis. When you are out of alignment between thought and action, you can be mean spirited and dismissive. Once you see your actions come from your character, you exude integrity. Your sibling triad imagines how to live in the present moment. Your spirit relies upon expansion, offering redemption as offering us the benefit of the doubt---each of these virtues are sourced in love. Your Aries keeps you in the now. You have no shame about leaving authoritative precedents behind---just that’s the way something has always been done doesn’t always make it the right thing to do. In a certain way you are the child in the Emperor’s New Clothes which leads to the next triad based upon spiritual security…

Pisces/Capricorn/Taurus--each sibling grouping feeds upon a masculine/yang/extroverted or feminine/yin/introverted bent. The other two signs influence your security patterns. In or out? The past triad of Aquarius as a child pointing out where others are delusional. Your threesome is those three monkeys that see, hear and speak no evil. That just how much power works through you Yes, you can virtue signal with the best of them--pious and quite judgy. However when you allow Taurus to guide your soulful Piscean energy, you emanate a non-judgemental quality. As you realize that everyone is their own judge, jury and executioner, you detach from those emotional (and often) dramatic extremes. You begin to add a fourth monkey--you don’t even think evil (for the purposes of this blog, evil is defined as mistaken beliefs about the nature of reality). Remember, I am trained as a lawyer---gotta define terms..

Aries/Aquarius/Gemini--oh what fun your sibling grouping is! Each one of you have your own version of ‘trash talk’. It began in elementary school as ‘yo’ mama’ jokes. As you aged (I could make an argument that we are still waiting for your maturation process to finish, but I won’t), your joking became more nuanced. Your humor dried out. Your upper lip stiffened.’I am that I am’ is your Aries mantra. Gemini keeps your mind endlessly curious about your daily routine. While your Aquarian sibling energy nourishes your study of history---standing up for your principles. Your dignified stance inspires those of us who may feel (but rarely show) we’ve compromised our real selves for status, money or reputation. Yes, you can be maddening, but often it is a selfless will---one that has graciously moved past petty attachments. You muse that what others think or say about you is none of your business. Sweet and spicy, for sure!

Taurus/Pisces/Cancer---your energies nourish our human pleasure/pain cycle. Those extraterrestrials aka angels bring some of your most balanced insights. These invisible beings demonstrate a childlike belief that your life has purpose simply because you exist. You live as if you have nothing to prove. We feel your magnetism. We feel protected. What may be labeled as ‘predictability’ for some, for others it’s ‘security’. You are here to make the spirit manifest. You are the embodiment of the divine. Now, if you have less internal security, you can easily succumb to self-destructive tendencies…as such you use others for their stuff. Remember how the divine blesses those who have (make) their own. Giving freely does not make you weak.  

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Your words are so uplifting !

Oct 15, 2023
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Thanks, Mark. Enjoy your Sunday!

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