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Halt Your Ego & Its Separating Ways--Solar Eclipse Musings 4.8.24

Aries as 'spirit' fire sign has to choose to rely on the earth element (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn) to embody their unique & pioneering visions.

The following vision and the message I just recieved is we are leaving the ridiculous Pisces Age where 'spirituality' was NOT integrated into our daily lives. 'Spiritual' folx were in convents, monasteries, etc.

Aquarius Age centers on the communities, chosen & grown---sharing like minds but more importantly like hearts. Aquarius, as Water Bearer, holds the water/emotions of others so it can be contained and processed in safe spaces.

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We were at 95% here in Missouri where I am. It was a wonderful experience. Quite ominous at the peak when nature quieted and the shadows danced on the ground through the trees. Cool wind blowing away that ego self and embracing my inner child. Its all ok lil one. We got this.

Thanks Quan 🙏

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