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Happy Venus Friday---Moon/Mood in Adventurous Sagittarius

Venus categorically states--if you want to understand or connect to another--pay attention to what or whom they attract (yes, I'm purposeful in the use, a non binary pronoun). Their masculine side the 'he/him' side of Venus is active & warrior like--the self-described 'control freaks'. All power and control energies are based on fear.

Their feminine side the 'she/her' allows for receptivity & surrender . Venus as lover--all sunset 🌇 like serving dinner and orgasms for those who are fortunate enough to be chosen by her. Of course our continued patriarchal leaning culture accentuates this aspect Venus---even She had major agency as a warrior.

Controlling behaviors can come from both the active and passive poles of Venus. Suspicious of another's motives, refusing to forgive or setting standards that haven't been openly communicated 'if you love me, you should know this already' can all be hallmarks of yin wounded and spoiled.

Today's build up to a Full Moon on Monday ain't having any of this!!!

Instead allow the confidence of a Mars (warrior) and Venus (lover) in Leo (heart centered & loyal with an ebullient Sagittarius Moon to glide you out of your pasts into a magnificent vision of future possibilities ✨️!

When Sagittarius ♐️ has mastered the lessons of their preceding sign of Scorpio (arguably the most suspicious sign of the zodiac)--these expansive folx abhor pettiness of all kinds. These plucky people often want to rise above all types of drama. This weekend is excellent to seek out ways to see what you want to create for your shared future---

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