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Hope Springs Eternal--Five Planet Pile Up---week of March 26 through April 2, 2023

So wrote Alexander Pope in a poem entitled ‘An Essay on Man’. Whenever I look up at the nightly sky, I feel like the last thing left in Pandora’s jar (it wasn’t a box, but my lawyer/scholar chocolate ass won’t argue that minute point lol)---HOPE.

When I received links to the five planet line up this week from non-believers, clients and friends, hope is springing eternal. A close friend took this picture of me holding my smartphone with the Sky Map app with Venus hanging out overhead. Evening Star Venus in Her lover phase (it brings well needed equilibrium to her Warrior Phase). Huzzah! From October 22, 2022 to August 13, 2023 we are being introduced to Her making best efforts to bring moderation to extremes in the ‘Love & Peace’ sign of civilized Libra. In theory, the sunset is all about Libra. Even its glyph looks like the Sun setting ♎️. In an ideal world everyone would be doing the things they love with those they love from sunset to midnight. Libra lives for ideal worlds, for sure.

Yesterday evening had ideals written all over it. The Cosmos, after all, was most likely our first storyteller, putting all of Earth’s children to bed each night. Was there much exaggeration? You betcha. Were there emotional truths? Hell yeah. Did we sleep with eternal hopes, despite our Earth reality? Let’s hope so (pun intended).

Venus in Her home sign of Taurus has radical Uranus joining her.exactly on Thursday March 30 at 5.26pm CDT. She luxuriates in Taurus (March 16-April 11, 2023). Uranus, like the child in The Emperor’s New Clothes, can demonstrate to Venus (Taurus & Morning Stars) where Her values are shallow and Her behavior, greedy and self-destructive (memes of 'What Have You Done For Me lately?' come to mind). Stop the love you save may be (and often is) your own.

Expansive and ‘spirit of the law’ Jupiter running along side with his half-brother Chiron in Aries can aid each of us how to begin to see who were through consciously looking into areas of the most intense pain and disagreements. Mercury is also in the sign of fiery new beginnings---an unexamined Mercury can have you cutting others and demonstrating how adolescent you side eye can be! Why not use the right hemisphere of Jupiter to see the big picture in which we're all connected? What can we do for each other? This Venus Star in Libra (hasn’t been in this sign since 1926) She asks us to turn up the volume on Love and Equilibrium which these virtues begin inside our souls. Healing starts with every breath.

We can begin with Islam. Until there is peace within, there will be no peace without. We must choose to cease demonizing those with whom we have disagreements. No. Matter. What. Be that our spouse, partner, exes, family or those on the other side of the political divide. That’s where our inner alchemist comes completely into view. What if medieval alchemists were angels who came to Earth to inspire us on an inner trek to live and embody a holistic life? Is that anymore fanciful of a belief than virgin births or the Easter Bunny 🐰? Joseph Smith, wrestling an angel? No...

I wrote this blog years ago. All Venus Retrogrades offer second chances to soften and accept the absolute love offered through the Multi-dimensional Universe. Conflict & War begin within each of us. Plz follow this link---

Venus’ tendency to unify will begin to wane in mid-summer. In essence, if we’re going to fully self-destruct this begins around the Summer Solstice. She retrogrades from July 22 to September 3, 2023. This is her first retrograde movement since Pluto went in 'know it all' & 'large ego/separating intellect Aquarius. Remember Pluto asks one major question--’Regenerate your ego or die’. Transform those war implements into plow shears (or ocean cleaning tools, ok?) Forgive me quoting scriptures, whenever I learn Arabic words for (and from) those practicing Muslims around me, I remind myself the culpability of these patriarchal religions.

How about consciously seeking out other people’s values? How about learning about Ramadan and Lent? ‘Eid Mubarak---Arabic for ‘blessed holiday’ or ‘blessed celebration’.If you should be fortunate enough to hear someone say this to you, your polite response should be ‘ Khair Mubarak to wish goodness on this person.

Let’s lean and embody Jupiter’s spirit in innocent Aries. Let’s restore our trust in our shared humanity. Let’s look up and allow the Cosmos to guide us. If your truths ain’t inclusive, you’re living in the soon to be put to bed--the Age of Pisces. Fat lady has ceased singing (around the end of WWII) she’s not only left the building but she’s in the evening skies. There is no need for WWIII (unless you want to stick with the us versus them mentality).

Venus as She Shifts To Warrior Goddess

Heart (Venus/Jupiter) or Head (Mars/Uranus) or Root (Mars/Saturn/Pluto)? These are all active within us. This week of Spring’s beginning is a foreshadowing. Can you allow your soul to focus upon Persephone returning from the underworld (psychological transformation from maiden to Queen). Feel her Earth Mother’s joy! April 12 Venus moves into Words & Thoughts Create Reality Gemini. Allow Her time (till May 7) to open and integrate your heart and mind. If you choose to do this, I guarantee when the Love Goddess makes best efforts to connect with the War God (Mars) from June 4 until She moves direct on September 3. Her slower retrograde speed means Love and War won’t connect until February 20, 2024. We’ve got much work to do to continue accepting our inner transformation of beliefs that do not serve us anymore…for example, what did you feel when the planets are asking to begin with Islam? Were you triggered? If so, how?

Look (and ask for more info regarding Her movements from Love/Evening Star to Warrior/Morning Star---coming to all of us, this summer of 2023.

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