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It's A New Day---Power From A Universe

Power & love---you know when you have it. You feel when you don't and you suspect loss when you look mostly to the past. April is a Nine Universal Month (4 + 2021 = 9). Giving freely to others is indicated. Gifts of grace, time and money, focus upon your intent. Like H.E.R. sings 'you could do damage'. Power without a soul filled purpose often paves Good Intentions Road---right into Recriminations Town where blame grows like weeds.

Can you imagine a new day where ethical folx also possess power? Can you? Do you have the spiritual and soulful depths to allow yourself to see a set of options you would have summarily resisted a mere 18 months ago? If so, you learning to sense power from within. This month we all live at an extremely active intersection of Good Intentions Road and Pragmatic Parkway.

Our intentions have a certain speed to them, like this beginning of spring. Our focus on what we're doing is learned behavior that can easily take us from how to be---to exist without expectations or judging our intentions. With a Nine Universal Month each day contains an opportunity to align our personal power with a deeper commitment to pioneer a newly inspired life. We leave Recriminations Town for Big Love Valley.

We used to have many options to entertain ourselves, no matter in which town or valley we choose to live. We have FANG---Facebook, Amazon, Netflix & Google, like Made in China levels, how long could you gone without. Not talking boycott, although this April has Toxic Toddler Mars moving from 'live and let live' Gemini to tribal Cancer on Friday April 23. Talk about doubling down---be kind to your closest others from April 18 to 27. To not do damage, please choose to make the time to listen instead of jumping in the fix ppl. Act pragmatically, after you've taken the time to build consensus.

When you allow a Nine Universal Month to keep you attuned to the larger planetary picture, you can relax in the awareness of how everything and everyone is connected. Sure, it comes in varying degrees, however through recognizing universal truths, we can chill that there are those who have our back. We don't see air, but we see its effects. Our guardians are often like that. Aries can pride itself on its independence. No one gets no where all by themselves, it's an egocentric---and often a Western civilization fantasy. Nines and Mars can create burnout when their individual spirits are only focused upon ego. Whether you're seen as naïve, it matter little. Nines requires we use our power for the benefit of others. It is recognizing the wind that lifts up vulnerable wings. That wind is your living from a unified communal intention.

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