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The amount of lore surrounding Full Moons is quite inspiring. ?Whether it?s an increased libido, heightened sensitivities or changing into a werewolf, we have come to be in awe and fear of Full Moons.

These next two are in the peace making sign of Libra (yes, there?s a second one on Good Friday, April 19 at 6.12 am CDT). ?However, the moon/mood is being opposed by warrior, shoot-from-the-hip Aries. We are learning to integrate our impulsive vision to our more reasoned actions.

The first one occurs at 8.44pm CDT on Wednesday, March 20, just hours after the Sun has gone into rambunctious Aries. ?The ?I am? of Aries faces ?I balance? of Libra. This polarity of how to be enlightenedly self-centered is a major theme anytime Aries and Libra are highlighted. ?Lots of ?light? in that last sentence. The season of spring is an expansion of yang, masculine energy, often associated with light. Without an objective awareness of another or an ?other?, Aries can degenerate into being a dominating, selfish bully. ?However, when civilized Libra comes unto the scene, you can get a match made in heaven, or at the very least, a really good tennis match (Hello, Libran Serena).


Fanaticism alert as toddler Mars is in territorial Taurus being fired up by Jupiter in fundamentalist Sag spurred on by a devotional Vesta in Pisces. ?Suffice it to say, each of these teachers by themselves can make us suspicious about emotional stories regarding how people spend their money, worship their god(s) or escape into other dimensions. ?Victor or victim? Masochist or martyr? Asking for permission or forgiveness? New or old testament? Agnostic or true believer? Knowledge or faith? Aries and Libra as a polarity of action and response incites us to reflect upon our impulses to accept the unseen (faith), but to learn from history through a honest and thorough reflection (knowledge).

Mars in his positive gaze looks to focus upon how to inspire, coach or assert the self, but within the context of an ideal, vision or relationship. ?That?s where Jupiter offers a bedrock of inclusive or exclusive beliefs. The more inclusive, the more better, for sure. Vesta offers a focus that tends towards the exclusive and elitist. ?Hopefully, ?I like that? Venus in detached Aquarius can magnetize those friends turned into family. Then She can create those discussions that have humanitarian and community at the center. ?The best of Venus and Vesta in the transpersonal and planetary signs of Aquarius and Pisces is their ability to use those hearth fires as an illuminating guide to develop your free spirit in the context of universal love and joy. ?Yet, each one is responsible for the development of their own spirituality, their own path. A huge part of the Aquarius ?knowing? is through active research and observation of what has worked for humanity and what has not. Venus and Mars square (challenge each other) in fixed signs. ?To argue over different styles, the ?principle of the matter? or conflating your personal values with universal ones won?t work. Live and let live from a place of confidence and patience. The trick at this time is recognizing those around you who have been growing and accepting their lot in life as they continue to improve their circumstances. ?Often, at times of adversity we ask different questions and are willing to grow from a place of authentic soul searching. These two consecutive Libran Full Moons will act as an catalyst for evolution.


Outer planet Uranus is disrupting our collective pattern of giving away our individual spirits to the highest bidder. Immediate gratification has caused a deficit in understanding others. ?After spending the last seven years in self-directed Aries, Uranus is ready to reform what we value. Taurus slows down his electrical and illuminating force to show us in real time, you are not what you own. ?The more attached you are to the material plane and its alleged goodies, the harder it will be for you and yours (think college scandal) to recognize what will or will not last. This Full Moon has Uranus in a mutual reception to Venus in Aquarius (it?s like they live in each other?s houses). ?Bottom line is thinking for yourself, ridding yourself of rigid conditioning, being a rebel with a cause and if you?re going to be any kind of snob, be an intellectual one. When the Goddess of Love is in Aquarius, she needs to be given love, otherwise She?ll stay in her head observing all of ways She doesn?t fit in (and possibly using things or surface relationships as filler).

Aries acts now; Libra deliberates. ?When illuminated, there?s a moving on from pasts that no longer work, but with care. ?If you?re able to make those adjustments within your closest relationships, from a position of real humility, then the Full Moon on Good Friday won?t shock you as much. ??The Full Moon brings crises. Our ideals must be tempered with reality. As such, it will become increasingly important to know who you are on the inside. Through difficult decisions we can approach our spirituality as a daily practice. ?This practice includes the inner work of recognizing your internal biases. Noticing who or what makes you uneasy for little to no logical reason can show your biases. This is a necessary part of evolution.


Libra knows we are better off as active listeners with receptive hearts. ?The scales of justice must be weighing logic and intuition, mind and soul. ?If warrior ?my way or the highway? lower side of Aries is going to win through getting more people to act from fear and hate it is on this second Full Moon on Good Friday April 19. ?That is why once you notice where you carry dark biases lie, you can begin the work of seeing and saying where others harbor divisive and/or prejudice thoughts. Libra?s work is to create new forms of relationships. ?It begins with aligns our souls and egos, our universal connections and individual spirits. Our higher selves through the astrological lens is compelling us to join and act more inclusive and idealistic. When your ego (lower self) guides, you divide and cast shade. ?Resist this temptation and use your identity to defend your higher principles, then you can relax. Your open stance will be reflected in those around you. There will be no ?us versus them?. There will be an ?us?.

Understand that this first Full Moon sets up where the obstacles may be in our interpersonal lives. ?Libra Moons thrive on the balance of their egos and souls to be reflected in their relationships. Once expanded through fear of sharing power, status and resources, relationships are created on a transactional basis. ?Then the foundational structure builds laws that do not protect those who cannot ?pay to play?. I know several times my lawyer ass has not filed a suit when I knew the law was in my favor. On more than just a financial level, I could not afford it. ?I chose to look inward to ask ?what is my lesson here?? Or ?how can I evolve? How do I shift my locus of authority to my soul, my conscience?? How can I shift my locus of authority away from status and outward appearances? When you ask these questions you have begun to tap into the ego?s other, your soul, your higher self. ?Others feel your authenticity. The Libra Full Moon brings a new vision of how you can relate to others in a mo? better way.


Our minds are living in multiple dimensions, thanks to a Mercury retrograde traveling alongside Nebulous Neptune. ?Our corpus callosums (part of the braid that carries messages between the right and left hemispheres) are highly active and sensitized to the ?big picture?. ?It will not be til Mercury merges with integrative and healing Chiron on April 19 that you can reasonably expect to know what your right and left hands (hemispheres) are doing. A major motivation of the planet of communication is to analyze and separate. ?Chiron seeks to integrate. AFter the ten weeks of Mercury in diffusive Pisces, the wounded healer can do what he does best…point out your blind spots and get you to humbly sort them out.

When transparent and introspective, Mercury communicates the Utopian vision and shared consciousness of Neptune. ?Like a great photojournalist, he demonstrates the virtues based upon a truly caring soul or shows the deception, fraud or lack of reality. ?Be not quick to judge during these times because Neptune deliberately creates grey areas based upon your ego?s discontent with simple answer. ?These Neptunian blurred boundaries compels us to ask questions, often times, to propel us upon a more profound spiritual path based on action after contemplation.

Chiron wounds, so fully expect to be dealing with issues of ego, attachment and peer pressure for the next several weeks. Allowing our minds to be sourced in our inclusive souls offers hope that those who do their spiritual work will continue to be those we look to for inspiration. ?Classic paradox as in ?casting your bread upon the waters for it to return ten fold?, the more internal work you do to find your light, the more you shine. Actual light workers (complimentary healers) who choose to create an attachment to shared and higher ideals will illuminate a path for all, those who live for the number of swipes, status or subscribers can expect disruption or reversal of their personal fortunes (be they in the White house, Instagram Influences or want to be college ?graduates?, the proverbial handwriting in on the wall: authenticity, integrity or ?fall from grace?. ?Or what is the opposite of authenticity? Fraud. Take heart, that the more introspection done on your internal biases, heartfelt expression of transformation, compassion and forgiveness as motivation to act, the more your higher self will protect you in the days and years to come.

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