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Numbers, Stars & Cards---Libra Paying It Forward (PIF) Nines

Click on the above link first to get a fuller understanding of this unique system only found here!

Stars/Planetary Connections common to All Libra folx:

Venus runs yourSelf.

Mars makes your relationship.

Saturn harbors your soul.

Moon greets you at work.

Paying It Forward (PIF) combines all three through using powerful Tarot Symbolism.

Let's begin with Libra PIF Nines

Libra Paying It Forward (PIF) Nines (September 27, October 9, 18): As a Libran PIF Nine, your Sun sign denotes majoring in developing long-term peer relationships, marriage, business and close ties but the karmic paths in Numerology and Tarot open you beyond this into the embracing of what to do for humanity as a whole. Your gift of physical energy is best used for larger visionary purposes. All Paying It Forward Nines have the additional responsibility of utilizing their fire to enlighten and inspire those they do not know. Through your personal story (usually connected to wealth, poverty or class) your ‘overcoming’ alleged handicaps matter to those who want to support you. Impatience may cause you to burn a bridge or two, squander or reject some of your better offers, but with a tempered charm you can get a second chance.

When you are aware of how the intuitive and inventive Tarot operates along with your Power Date and Sun sign,

You can become and Paying It Forward (PIF) with

The Hermit aka Way Shower clearly focused upon making us see your vision. If your vision doesn’t center around redemption then maybe a refocusing is at hand. Your illumination can seem messy to us at first. Hopefully, you’ve learned some of the virtues from the preceding PIF Eight---patience. (By the way, each number builds on the one before it). Through patience, your Hermit can wait until the questions are framed correctly and the questioner has an open heart and mind. You have an intellect that transcends present time. Although you may appear aloof, this is your favorite defense mechanism. You are deeply sensitive to the human condition. And, when those from other planets reveal themselves, you will be deeply sensitive to their third or fourth gender conditions. Shine on the areas of our world in most need of transformation. Risk exile, shame or even death to raise our consciousness, please.

The Moon aka The Server instinctively opening yourself to those who recognize your bigger picture mannerisms need someone to take care of the small things, like food, rent and clothing. Depending upon your other soul clues (the rest of your astrological chart), you intend to live as simply as possible. Riding the feeling waves that The Moon represents gives you the opportunity to reflect upon the mysteries of why you are the way you are. Once settled, answers reveal themselves in a non-linear manner. Allow these reflections to be communicated as you feel the need to. You learn, as you drop your defenses to allow help and guidance about those aspects of earthly existence that do not interest you. In the negative you can create symbiotic relationships repeatedly refusing to learn to draw distinct boundaries, and everyone loses.

The Hanged One aka The Sacrificial Lamb imprisoned to the image of what your family lineage demands of you. Like many born before 1986, your evolving passions were usually tailored to what the family, community, friends or authorities said was needed. Individuality was discouraged. After 1986, the reign of children being the center of the family’s world became a reality. If you decide to evaluate your family of origin objectively, you begin to surrender to timelessly cosmic truths, like parents are facilitators. Once this happens you have the power via your soul to magnetize learning experiences that create an open venue for your creativity and joy. Your soul shows your lessons through patience, illumination. Choosing to see your life’s pauses as suspending your ego’s playing to other’s expectations can calm your spirit. Increased wisdom and resolve are often the result.

The World aka The Cosmopolitan Being seeing a bit of yourself in everyone you meet is not narcissistic as far as you're concerned, it is the All-There-Is in its individualized expression. Everyone is a mirror. Your adventurous self lights a fire in our hearts. You’re a classic ‘teach a person to fish, instead of giving them one’ kind of person. Your inexhaustible energies are truly inspirational. Your ability to drop ‘truth bombs’ is almost legendary. The World contains the secret of living outside of time and space. You see your ego’s mischievous mannerisms, you laugh at its machinations. This is where some of your best stories emanate from. You have a keen vision of what can make you known and admired. You analyze in your private moments how to assess the best use of your soul for all you encounter. Your Libra scales poise themselves between action and reflection quite amazingly. Awesome!

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