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Eclipse and Scorpio are two words that invoke fear in the minds and hearts of the uninitiated. ?Think of a Solar Eclipse as a powerful New Moon. ?Each New Moon represents a new beginning. ?When the Moon blocks the light from the Sun, our past demands to be seen, transformed and let go. ?Gender, racial, familiar and national karma have to be reckoned with. ?Look back to October 23, 1995 and look for patterns of trust, betrayal and forgiveness.

This Partial Solar Eclipse activates the first degree of Scorpio aligning with wise and skillful strategist Pallas Athene and love goddess, Venus. ?Our spirit is filtered by these powerful feminine and dark forces. ?Allow the past to be sacrificed on the alter of the unknown. ?Where do you yearn for a higher calling, a more authentic connection? ?Scorpio is all over locating and communicating from a profound soulful place. ?Know your depths; know more intimacy.

Masterful Mercury communicates with the purposeful North Node of the Moon in ‘wanna be starting something new with you’ Libra. ?Just when you think Libra is not interested, the energies in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces will give you a different tone. ?Let your mind wander through those mysterious places of forming new dimensions in your current relationships. ?Libra and Scorpio want involvement, albeit from distinct dimension, but both are collective in scope. ?The air signs are set on a cooler temperature. ?However, once Scorpio has given you their trust, they will show you what truly matters and how to keep the bond strong.?Yet, we’ve got to look within our closest connections to see where we still hold onto expectations and tend to treat love as a commercial bargain.

Venus Star and Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

The Venus Star becomes Evening and Scorpio on October 25. ?Almost all of our corporate media in the US will have distill complex Scorpio Star energies into believing that we are collectively in a battle of light and dark, good and evil. ? The current political atmosphere between radical Islam and fundamental Christianity (masquerading as democracy of ‘real America’) picks up on a Scorpio Star theme from 1959 (Cuba’s independence from Batista’s regime), 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis and our own country has a Morning Star Scorpio from July 4, 1776. ?Our courtries are Harmonizing Twin Scorpio Star (US & Cuba). ?Communism has a marked Neptunian theme. ?Cuba’ s Scorpio Star shares space with Neptune in Scorpio. ?Capitalism and communism are not like getting your peanut butter into another’s chocolate. ?These historical events all occurred under a Scorpio Venus Star. ?However, true Scorpio energy does its own research, our collective passions are to awaken to getting to the bottom of why life has become so centered on fear and creating the ‘other’.

If we do not learn how to share resources within our own borders and then model this to the world, what has happened in Ottawa, Canada with ISIL sympathisers and the Canadian government. ?Scorpio is also connected to taxes, the glaring income inequality in the United States has been growing since the Reagan years of late last century. ?Without a better understanding of marginal tax rates, Americans need to continue to buckle up for the ‘bumpy ride’.

Where is the First Degree of Scorpio in your natal Chart?

You don’t know? ?Find out. ?Ask somebody. ?The planets and their movements are giving all of us an excellent opportunity to shift our psychological perspective, to quit reacting to life as children afraid of a punishing off planet deity or invasive scrutiny of our government. ?You’ve got important questions: ?how do I regenerate this area or live a passionless life? How do I wake up to my higher self and its responsibilities to the world or do I stay asleep? ?Where have I become numb and distracted? ?How can can I shift dimensions ala Neptune in Pisces and flow into having more authentic bonds?

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