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Positively Peaceful Self-Assertion: Libra New Moon October 6 2021

The most aggressive planets are featured today. We are not taught how to positively assert ourselves. Our planetary energies teach us. When we talk and study Astrology or any intuitive mantic (traditional name) art, our egos search for what I call ‘soul clues’. Our souls, at least from the unaware parts of our egos, are so ‘rando’ aka random. Astrology, Numerology and Tarot give us some structure, some ‘everything happens for a reason’ kind of reason. This New Moon has most of the clues needed to evolve and integrate our individual egos with our soul of interconnectedness. The more evolution of your consciousness, the more love you express.

At one end of his spectrum Mars is boorish, selfish, competitive, ruthless. In order to commit any emotional or physical pain, you have to believe, act or react from the belief that we are all separate. Well, until October 30, Mars is relational and loving Libra. Libra asks nicely first for Mars to exist at the other end of the spectrum---this end is called ‘at least act like you give a damn about others’. Enter Venus and Libra stage left , Western skies and Evening Star. She brings love when war was the only thing on the menu. When the charm offensive doesn’t work, Libra begins to demand that their influence be taken seriously. I have been known to overlook Libra’s quick shift of moods (fastest in the West being known to take out their emotional guns quicker than any Cancer.) With Venus finishing up her journey through psychologically profound and dark Scorpio, this last month has been topsy-turvy in which end of the self versus others spectrum. This yo-yo like energy begins to stabilize a bit in the next couple of days. Act like an alchemist, try a little bit of joy mixed in with your daily activities. Begin with writing or focusing on a gratitude list. Can’t have joy without gratitude. That’s one way to shift from the toxic end of Mars’ spectrum---joy (kissing cousin of love).

Let this New Moon reignite your passion to reconnect. Helping you along is a stationary Pluto in mature Capricorn. As the pragmatic earth sign that follows visionary Sagittarius, realize that Capricorn plays for keeps. There won’t simply be changes in policy, the relationship to power and foundation of all important aspects of life will be transformed. Transformation means to get beyond what has and/or is being formed. Integrity is a must. Look over your life since April 27 when Pluto went retrograde. How have the foundations of your life shifted? Have you felt like a caterpillar? You think there’s any control as you transform into a butterfly? No, there’s only process and relationship---two very Venusian qualities. Eff me some Mars (he’d probably like that). Venus and her nuanced mannerisms rule this New Beginnings. Without her the ranting of Mars and brooding of Pluto have no relative meanings. They are sleepy and hollow. However, when soul-centered (or Venus centered), Mars ignites us to defend who and what’s worthwhile---we show our passions and unique qualities confidently (dancing as if no one’s watching). Pluto leaves his suspicious lair of replaying old wounds and grudges, he basks in the Sun. He plays. Pluto plays. Yes, the lord of the underworld plays---what do you think he and Queen Persephone were doing? Just because there’s little to no record doesn’t mean we cannot use our Venusian imaginations?

Helping move all of us to listen to our wild hearts and nonconforming voices is rabble rouser Uranus in Taurus---another Venus ruled sign. (As I write this, Anita Baker’s ‘Body and Soul’ plays, talk about Venus working her loving magic through Our Raw Material, a natural thought practice that blends ego and soul, click the link). As Pluto transforms our relationship to outer authorities and institutions that we project our power onto, Uranus shakes up our foundations. He Illuminates what we hold dear, what and whom we value. He doesn’t care so much about the why or our motivations. Uranus cares that we are transparent and move from freedom.

With the Sun aligned with the Moon (New Moon’s meaning), Mars (new beginning in self-assertion) and Mercury (new beginning in communication and thought practice), we have all the makings of imagining peaceful resolution to some of our more pressing relationship challenges. Personal, interpersonal and planetary relationships. What would an ideal world look like? How would you begin with resolving the conflict within yourself? Using October 9 to October 18 allows your mind to align with ‘truth bombs’. Bombs are a warlike symbol. Instead let your mind (and heart) be blown by unity, soul and love. Access your ‘inner hippie’. You don’t have to tell anyone how you’re surfing some loving vibes. Imagine yourself as a member of the Age of Aquarius (where all physical needs are met and we can develop into fully awakened human beings). What would you do if money, food or water were not consuming much of your focus?

Libra is an ancient influencer (before it became an Instagram thing). Libra is the OI (Original Influencer). This New Moon brings profound psychological depths where you own your life as it is into alignment with how your life looks on the surface. How much does your outer world resemble your inner one? Well, Mars gives us a reason to struggle and fight---for unity, peace, joy and love. Start within yourself. Act from your unwounded part of your heart. That’s positive self-assertion for you. For us all. Evening Star Venus would have it no other way.

If you want a curated view of how this New Moon affects your personal astrological chart, send me a message via this site.

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