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Quan Turns 30 on 8.23.20

Born as Paul Tracy Cherry, I had been pondering a legal name change for several years.

I spelled Quan this way to honor my soul (vowels represent the soul in Numerology). When the Washington State Magistrate asked the reason why I was changing my name, I responded, “for spiritual reasons”. He waived the $90 fee.

Have you ever saved almost all of your discretionary income for something? This was an economic boon much like saving for my first album with my allowance.

The Moon also represents the soul (or a large focus on what she/he/it/they want to learn in this lifetime) Both metal charts of Paul and Quan share the same Moon sign in Libra!

So, this name has officially become an adult (Saturn return)…all grown up & ready for my next layer of service through joy and love.

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