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Saturn in Pisces; Pluto in Aquarius---Transforming Our Egos Into Wholeness Part One

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Since I wrote my first public column for The PitchWeekly in December, 1994, I ain’t never been accused of being easy or accessible. That’s because in ‘Out of Time & Space Astrology’ my Libra/Scorpio with an Aries approach to life, I want to influence your thinking, not tell you what to do. A goal (still) is to release astrological info as predestined or predetermined. In other words, you can create your reality, astrology is simply one guidepost. Now, I am working with Tavish Carduff and Our Raw Material (ORM). We have integrated and essentialized astrological language. It is called AstrORM. The essence of Pisces is Wholeness and Capricorn is Resources.

What would your life look and feel like if you saw every moment as perfect from your soul’s perspective in terms of evolution? Or if you live as if you are a resource and you seek to exchange this belief while seeking others as resources too? This upcoming shift of Saturn and Pluto is showing up right on schedule to teach all of us these lessons of interconnectedness.

As a full time Astrologer, Tarot Reader and IChing Enthusiast for 27 years, I have noticed that the ‘uninitiated’ often fear the Death card. Our country and Manifest Destiny is less than 250 years old---one full cycle of Pluto (and Venus Star). We are young. We do not see the ‘cycle of life and death’. We fear the invisible. Pluto as the God/Protector of the underworld incites fear. However, as we come to make friends to court the invisible world (ever seen a thought or a feeling? Or do you see the effects of these inner processes?), we begin to make peace.

Pluto is at the crossroads of our interpersonal and transpersonal dramas. Through his rulership (close association with Scorpio), Pluto gives a lot of wealth and prosperity to those who ‘leave that egos at the door’ or in modern day Silk Sonic’s ’Imma leave the door open’. In case you are unfamiliar or uninitiated, the male lover prepares himself for his partner, who can choose to enter his room (door open) or not. Beautiful tune with an exceptional melody. Scorpio knows that any exceptional love making begins with play and non attachment to how things go--you heard that one of the best laid plans (don’t know if that pun was intended or not) of mice and men. Or one of my favorites--god laughs when we make plans. Oh, I’ve digressed, but you’ve forgotten about death, have you not?

Once you surrender to the larger (and invisible forces) found in Scorpio--those small (and not so small) ways in which you cooperate with lovers, mates and close friends--you can graduate into the transpersonal signs of Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Trans-personal, getting beyond simple identification and attachment to the physical body and its needs, demands and egocentric concerns.

That was one major lesson of COVID-19 from three years ago. You can say ‘we’re in this together’, but how do you live that practically? These two lords of death (Pluto & Saturn) came together in January, 2020. Enter death---stage left. We are yet to be able to process the collective and personal impact of COVID-19. Part Three will explore mental and spiritual issues around Saturn in Pisces.

Historical note: Saturn rules chronological time and space. He was often depicted with the scythe. One of his names is Chronos---rooted in chronological order. How old you actually are. Pluto discovered in 1930 quickly became associated with death. However, this stargazer does not throw out more than 2k years of astrological study and practice for a new kid on the block, no matter how beguiling and attractive---and how charismatic is my man Pluto. He is beyond, the original transgender individual. You see, many of the patriarchal myths had their roots in feminine or matriarchal myths or stories. After all, his major love, Persephone became Queen of the underworld. Some interpretations state she was already Queen. Point? Pluto/Persephone represent your psychological connection to death and transformation. Trans-formation, beyond form, the body, the ego and its demanding attachments The ego often scoffs at what cannot be seen. The ego is often separated (hence masculine and left brained). It is the surrendering to something ‘higher, deeper and inclusive’ that makes life truly worth living. These past three years have taught us all to seek what truly matters comes from within, not without.

Enter 2023. The psychological lord of death saunters into freedom seeking Aquarius. The chronological lord of death taps his toe in the collective and boundless waters of faith driven Pisces. Both of these signs end the cycle of our Pisces age as we ‘cusp’ the Aquarian one. We move from the last 2k years of ‘I believe’ to the next 2k years of ‘I know---ages last 2k years and they move backwards. For those who want to add'l info, look up ‘procession of the equinoxes’.

Well, I did give you a link. Point? How do you let go of ego? How do you soften when surrounded by Big Dick or Great Pussy Energy? You know folx who worship their genitals (hello, Scorpio, one of the body ‘parts’ they rule). Since 1983 (Pluto’s entry into Scorpio) death and sex have been physically connected (AIDS) and raunchy R&B became a classification of music. There’s an argument that Prince is a progenitor of provocative lyrics. He had an entire album called ‘Dirty Mind’. This early 80’s album had such tracks as “Head”, “Do It All Night” and “When You Were Mine” whose lyrics definitely spoke to the beginning stages of ethical polyamory. Realize that in the 70’s these open acts of non-monogamy were often called ‘swingin’. It had a racial component. Blacks had songs of ‘Me and Mrs. Jones”, ‘Secret Lovers’ and “Part Time Lover”. Prince merged the ethical and unethical (with at least one partner being in active denial) through his lyrics of “When You Were Mine”---which would seem tame by 21st century standards.

Saturn as "Guardian of the Threshold” is the branch of Esoteric Astrology (yep, this language has its own egocentric ‘circle of hell’) way of describing the differentiation of visible and invisible realms. Much like the alignment of Venus & Jupiter at sunset in our, western skies, we can see them. Saturn is the last planet that can be seen regularly with the naked eye. He guards us and our ego. However, when he moves into Pisces our ego’s boundaries are dissolved by the unifying waters of Neptune. Hence, that last paragraph about polyamory. As we live longer and move toward more consciousness (love), we will admit our ‘other’ attractions to ourselves and our partners. In an ideal world, jealousy would not exist (as it is an outgrowth that happiness comes from outside oneself). Saturn would set the boundaries and their ensuing expectations. This conscious action would allow Uranus and its freedom to love each other responsibly to flourish.

The other times Saturn was in Pisces (roughly go back into approximately 30 year increments). It’s called the Saturn return. 1994 brought us a Rwandan Genocide estimated between 491k to 800k dead. Middle 1960’s psychedelics use thwarted (let’s definitely not have a history repeat or rhyme). Malcolm X assassination (use of FBI’s COINTELPRO---infiltration of ‘subversive’ groups), Black power and Black Panthers, Protests of Vietnam War, Botswana’s independence from British rule---to just name a few. If Saturn is not allowed to make some, if not all, of Piscean utopian dreams to manifest, then it can lead to the ‘let’s burn it down’ when he moves into Aries (2025-26). The unfulfilled dreams of the 1960’s lead to the inner city riots, the assassination of King and Kennedy, amongst other unrests and suppressions that have continued to this day.

End of Part One

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