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September 11 and Gemini Evolution For Us All

19 years ago we saw an unimaginable act as the World Trade Centers were attacked.

Americans lost nearly 4000 souls on that day. We rallied together as a nation. We gave up some individual civil rights through the Patriot Act. Today, we are more separated than ever (and ready to give up more rights, particularly to peaceably protest). Last night, some Chiefs fans booed for unity presentation at the football game between the Texans and Chiefs. Grow the eff up! Where are their hearts?

One of my favorite aspects of astrological language is that it gives us a lens to look at our history and events from a detached artist viewpoint. When you realize that any time period repeats, you can relax (a bit) and study what the past means to the present, and just maybe we can create a more evolved and inclusive future.

Every 19 years, the nodes of the Moon return to themselves. In Evolutionary Astrology/EA (reincarnation, soul, higher self, chart has a personal and collective meaning to grow to name a few of EA themes), the North Node of the Moon is where your higher self (soul) points for you to evolve or grow. I call it ‘your uncharted territory’. Because a major goal of our souls is to evolve, the nodal axis demonstrates where you’ve been (how you seek comfort) or where you are going (getting out of comfort zones, but ultimately beneficial for you and those with whom you are intimately connected).

9.11.2001 and 9.11.2020 the Nodal Axis are sharing the same 10 degrees of space. It was easier to rally around a central power structure because the North Node was still in early Cancer with our Jupiter and Venus (USA 7.4.1776 chart). We saw (still do) see ourselves as ‘exceptional’. It was a month later that our collective evolution went into Gemini (where it is today).

If we continue to divide our nation and families through culture, race, class, gender, etc. (all Sagittarius themes), then we will look for ways to foster healthy communications about how to understand each other, to love thy neighbor and to support a ‘live and let live’ attitude (all Gemini themes). We are learning to grow through a collective Gemini force, loving from a detached yet inclusive perspective. As it’s been said, ‘Gemini’s heart may be on a cooler temperature, but there’s a willingness to choose to speak from it’.

Curiosity of why another values something or someone is a virtue, especially when it’s applied from a honest motivation. Our Gemini evolution demands that we take no one and nothing apart that we cannot put back together. Love triumphs over fear, everyday and all day (whether we see the outcomes or not).

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