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The ancient Greeks explained that Persephone returned from the underworld, and that?s spring.? The goddess of grain and vegetation (Ceres) came back to life when she saw her daughter.? Maybe Hades/Pluto enjoyed the alone time.? This first sign of the zodiac, Aries, is sometimes compared to the infant.? And, we know how powerful these little beings can be.

Usually there is little to say about how to survive Aries time of year.? Awaken, get outdoors, be straight forward and focus on being your authentic self, that?s good advice for this direct and uncomplicated sign.? Aries is born to remind us to keep life simple and present moment focused.? Now is a gift, that?s why it?s called the ?present? (Drum beat:? I?ll be here all week).

Challenge yourself through learning some new physical activity.? Read something you?ve always be interested in.? Get into a heated discussion about something you?re passionate about, and do not back down when you get flak from others.

However, know this, Aries? ruler, Mars is in retrograde.? When planets appear to be going backwards in our sometimes not-so friendly skies, we must make that planet over from the inside out.? Jung called this process individuation.? I call it, introspectively analyzing what this planetary energy means for you.? Mars represents, among other things, the will to act, to assert oneself as an independent entity.? He has an approximately 24 to 26 month cycle around our Sun.? Been around a toddler lately?? You get my drift.

Our warrior energy is backed up in peace loving Libra until May 19.? Imagine a warrior being sent on a diplomatic peace keeping mission, and you have a good image of what?s being asked of all of us.? From now until April 8, it is extremely important to do our personal inventory of balancing (Libra?s favorite word and challenging skill to master) our instincts with a conscious ability to relate to others as equals (or at least having separate desires).

What Does This Mars Retrograde Mean For My Astrological Sign?

(If you know your rising sign, read that counsel too.? If you do not know your rising sign, fill out a submission form and I will send it to you).

On April 8, the Sun and Mars are in opposition from Aries to Libra.? The ?I am? and ?We Are? axis symbolizes Aries and Libra, respectively.? The following information recognizes your axis, your opposing sign.? All of us will be balancing what is in our personal best interests with our shared interests.? The other sign is your opposing, but complimentary energy. ?Your opposing sign carries helps illuminate your shadow (that splintered and repressed part of your nature).

Aries/Libra😕 This is a sensitive time for you.? You?re best at making goals (Aries).? You?re best at supporting others reaching their goals (Libra). At present, if there are delays in your projects, take the hint.? Get others? perspective.? Ask for counsel.? Join with others who can help you.? Think from a ?we? viewpoint.? Act like a federal judge and take things ?under advisement?.? However, listen to that still small voice when it tells you might have to go it alone.? You can repair past relationships and reevaluate uncompleted past projects.? Understand when others remind you of past family members and how you?ve treated them as such.

Taurus/Scorpio😕 Mars activates your sixth/twelfth house of physical and emotional health.? This axis also contains your need to work and retreat.? The psyche/soma balance is very important.? Because of your inherent relationship to the physical world (Taurus), you can easily suppress feelings that can only get you to evaluate your ?soul?s? desires through physical illness.? Pay attention to ?why you are the way you are?.? Take the long view regarding employment and challenges from coworkers.? Learn how to surrender to what you cannot control.? Take a ?make thy will my will? stance.

Gemini/Sagittarius😕 Libra is a compatible air sign.? However, you may have so many ideas that you attempt everything at once only to do none very well.? Or, the worst case scenario is to have no inspiration or passion.? This too shall pass.? Realize what or who brings joy into your life.? Devise a strategy to give more love to what?s most precious in your life.? Then, focus, focus, focus upon that.? What may be difficult is the ability to receive love from others.? Who told you were unworthy?? And, more importantly, why did you believe them?? Call up old friends that you?ve not heard from.

Cancer/Capricorn😕 Mars retrograde in Libra can easily be a recipe for disaster as it relates to family members.? Petty squabbles, over reactions and recriminations based upon past resentments that want to be aired out.? Your inner security is being reassessed.? You are not destined to replay your life as your parents did.? How can you be important in the areas of family and career without creating excessive dependencies?? Remember your axis can easily carry resentment at being burdened by responsibilities.? A retrograde Mars says, slow down, and think before you volunteer your time and energy.

Leo/Aquarius😕 Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.? Any retrograde planet wants you to look inside to understand better how it can work personally for you.? Analyzing those superficial assumptions you make about life and people around you will help in deepening those bonds.? You can too easily take your perspective and turn it into the gospel truth without doing any questioning.? Before you issue those ?never, again? or ?why does this always happen to me?? statements, chill.? Read something inspirational.? Aspire to broaden your perspective.? Become inclusive.? Forgive those who’ve hurt you (particularly siblings and in-laws).

Virgo/Pisces😕 Money, money, money.? Time, time, time.? Letting go, letting go, letting go.? How do you give of yourself, intimately, and more importantly, why do you give of yourself, intimately?? If you cannot share without strings, then do not share.? Tend to your physical body and its need for pleasure and joy.? You are not a beast of burden.? Money is one way to keep score.? You will not automatically lose your spiritual focus should you have a little more of what makes you feel physically comfortable, be that money, a well formed ass or your chosen dessert.? After all, you did not take a vow of poverty or chastity, did you?

Enjoy your weekend.? We talk soon.

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