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The God-Dess Who Would Strike

Ceres at Work

One of my first memories was of my grandmother's hands---knotted knuckles from rheumatoid arthritis. She took Anacin (aspirin) for the pain and inflammation. She passed out her wisdom as an old wise woman---to those she liked and respected. Others she ignored. That was her God-Dess power--she would not spend time acting as if she cared if she didn't. She was unlike Ceres in the sense that she did not identify with the role of mother.

My grandmother would have been 112 years old on April 12. Through the work at EmpowerKC, I got to serve and witness a Triple Goddess---a three week baby girl, mother, and grandmother. The amount of love in the room was incredible. The little Pisces brought her yeoman's share of healing with her Taurus Moon sharing space with her mother's late in Aries one (the Moon brings major clues to your mother's legacy and early childhood). Their emotional reflection of each other could become overdone (psychological term 'enmeshed') like Ceres and Persephone. Yet, I feel our maiden in this world has come to heal through art, love and music. The only time she vocalized was when the tarot cards were introduced more than 45 minutes into the session. Otherwise she slept.

The power that these maiden (newly born) souls possess is almost unfathomable. You see, their souls control all of their early influences, well, almost---after all, the physical plane is where accidents can and do happen. When parents, grandparents and the village come together to facilitate the soul's growth, the attachment to overly controlling the future outcome of the child's life lessens significantly. As we collectively move into the human and nature centered Age of Aquarius, the Triple Goddess gains the strength of the unifying magician ---everyone who recognizes the innate worth of every human is accepted and loved.

Witnessing these loving and kind acts recently inspired me to write these words---and the fact that the Sun (consciousness) has been moving along with Ceres (mother/crone God-Dess) and Venus (maiden/mother) in warrior yang Aries. Growing in and through the soul offers us choices. When growing in awareness and wholeness, we get to choose which aspect of the Triple Goddess we surrender to. These larger stories aka myths guide and inspire us, as well as live within all of us---no matter what our gender may be or become.

Mythological Ceres

It took her daughter's abduction and rape into the underworld by Pluto/Hades for Ceres' strike to occur. Like the Soup Nazi of Seinfeld fame, 'no soup for you!' Ceres said 'no grain for you!' These Gods scrambled to appease, but the God-Dess of grain was inconsolable. Her grief was so immense that the Earth ceased to grow vegetation. She drank only barley water while her daughter Persephone languished in the underworld.

Not only did her Dessness grieve through not eating, Ceres channeled her nurturing capacities into caring for a royal child. The Dess as royal nanny---imagine the perks She could bestow? What if Grace were your caretaker? How many times have you felt you had to return to work after a trauma? Some reported that Hecate (Crone at the crossroads) witnessed Persephone's kidnapping into the underworld. These three God-Desses make up the 'Triple God-Dess of maiden-mother-crone.

Persephone did a no-no in the underworld, she ate some pomegranate seeds---so there had to be a compromise. She was to spend part of her year there, hence winter, no vegetation for you, Gods! Patriarchal miscreants---Persephone became the Queen of the Underworld for the part of the year she was there.

Our little Pisces was born on March 16, four days before spring. Imagine the rapture of her returning to her mother---this joyous reunion is enough to make spring bloom. Maiden-Mother-Crone in all their power.

Welcome back, Persephone.

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