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The Magician & Mercury's Symbols

Gemini, Virgo & Mercury all thrive on the Magician's energies.

"In the beginning the Word said, 'let there be light!' Light manifested through focused intention and sound.

To speak into reality what you want to create is central to The Magician. He/she/they (I'm all for this being being Trans or at the very least androgynous--I mean does thought have gender?) uses the light of their minds to encapsulate the crescent of the soul, circle of spirit and cross of matter--one of Mercury's symbols (look to the header image--me as artist lol)

There's much to do about everything with today's Mercury. Our heads tllt into our smartphones. Our checking the number of followers. This last retrograde demanded that we slown down to smell the proverbial roses. And, just coming off a retrograde cycle between 'solid as a rock' Taurus & 'let's be curious Gemini', we can all think that our world's has gone upside down---cuz it has.

Stabilizing Saturn offers support from Mercury loving Aquarius. Imagine living at the center of a hurricane. Any answers you think you're going to get are coming from the inside--allow your mind to guide you to research, but remember that Mercury's symbol sits upon the cross of matter.

When retrograde, matter wants to be heard! Make your intentions known to pay attention to them. Huh? The intellect goes on vacation. It's those synchronicities that rule during Mercury retrograde time--before and after. Right now we are retracing (retrograde energy thrives on all of the re-prefix) decisions made from April 26 to May 10. We won't feel or sense being fully corrected until June 19, when the God of travel (upper, middle & under worlds, crescent/soul, circle/spirit & cross/matter, respectively) begins to cover new ground in early Gemini.

Our souls exist at the upper top of Mercury's symbol. Our spirit integrates on the circle of infinity--nestled on our cross of matter, our physical world.

What does this mean for you personally? Locate 26 Taurus to 5 Gemini in your natal chart & contemplate what stories you tell yourself and others? Victim or Victor? Whole truths or half hearted commitments?


Allow pragmatic Saturn to get you to do the time warp & reflect to mid-October 2021. What aspects of your life can be realigned with your ideals? How can you increase associating with those who want to be impactful in the world?

These are magical times if you can dance foolishly while wisely taking care of your responsibilities. You feel the right things to do; you're accountable when you don't do, join or lie by omission. Saturn ain't havin' that & Mercury will let you think you're getting away with it, that is, until he slows down (aka Mercury retrograde), saddles up to the Earth & busts yo' childish but appearing grown ass---the next one is September 9-October 2, 2022.

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Oh Quan. Thank you for being there just when I’m feeling I’ve lost my way.

Jun 07, 2022
Replying to

We're living in challenging times. Looking to put together a healing circle based on Our Raw Material (in the next two weeks). Trauma, Transformation & Grief is a working title. Check out, let me know what u think

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